Yemoja Bath -The Great Mother & Healer

Yemoja Bath

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Yemoja Bath

After our instructor HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU  gave me my ITA or my life path reading, it was one of the happiest days of my life. It was an absolutely surreal moment which in an instant, had literally healed me on some level. This was a completely new experience for me that had revealed possibilities for my life that I could have never imagined.  And what was even more healing and as equally exciting, was that I  received confirmation that Yemoja is the Orisha that sits on my head!

As a  Novice Umfundi I was just learning about this powerful energy, but even with very little information I intuitively felt she was with me. Before I received confirmation, I noticed a lot of similarities that I shared with this energy, but what was key for me during that period, as well as today, was that I was diligently focused on my growth, and healing of some deep rooted issues.  As such, HRU advised me to work with Yemoja to begin the healing process.

One of the rituals that HRU suggested for me to initially do was a Yemoja Bath. This worked wonders! During this time I was also recovering from a failed relationship, and today my vibration and energy is so much higher, to the extent that I am a completely different person. I realized that I was about to sabotage a life full of wonderful possibilities that I continue to work towards building and manifesting on a daily basis! So if you also need assistance with getting back in alignment with your spiritual destiny, this bath may help you to get there.

GET STARTED: You’ll need the following items for your Yemoja Bath:

  • Blueing: (You can get this at your local botanica)
  • Black Strap Molasses
  • Sea Salt
  • candle
  • silver bell

INSTRUCTIONS: Start your bath, and while the water is running add the blueing, molasses, and sea salt. Once the blueing has completely dissolved, your bath is ready. Light your candle and get into the bath. I usually use the candle to focus myself by staring into the flame before I begin, but you can use whatever method to make sure you’re focused and balanced before you begin invoking the energy. For this ritual I use a white candle, but again, you choose whatever color your spirit guides you to.

Next I recite an oriki in Yoruba to invoke Yemoja which I usually repeat at least 3 times, while also ringing a silver bell. Once I feel the energy is present, I begin having a dialogue with her just as I would with a family member or a friend. Next I state my requests before her. Another method I use to reinforce my requests is to repeat whatever my goal is while staring into the flame of the candle to create a mantra. For me this helps to program my subconscious mind to assist with manifesting my requests, so that my mind knows whatever I am asking for, it is already done! Once you’re finished, air dry, and sleep in the nude on that night if you can. Finally leave an offering for Yemoja to thank her for working with you!

NOTE: For this bath to be effective, it must be accompanied by or followed up with a true desire to change, ie. putting in the actual work to change. As that will be the key where your spirit will then guide you to the people, places, or things that will assist with bringing you to another state of healing and awareness.

MORE INFORMATION: To learn more about orikis, and offerings, as well as the Yemoja energy in general, I encourage you to get the book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power“, by our instructor HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU which is available by clicking on the book cover located on the right side bar panel of this site.  Also if you’re interested in getting a powerful reading as well, go the the Services tab on this site, and click on Spiritual Consultation with HRU Assaan-ANU for more information.

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