Yemaya: How can saltwater help to elevate you?

Orisha Yemaya, Yemoja, Yemaja

Orisha Yemaya, also known as Yemoja in Yoruba, is widely hailed as the energy source of all water across the planet.  Some bodies of water however, consist of fresh and some are saltwater.

Ninety-seven percent of the Earth’s water is salt water.  Yemaya collects salt and other minerals from land and places it into the ocean.  This active role makes her the spirit of rivers specifically, and the oceans and seas that rivers feed.

In the Yoruba spirituality system of Ifa, all active life forces are thought to have originally developed in these waters.  Among the first to emerge, were countless Gods and Goddesses.

Being the spirit of this life-giving water, Yemaya is revered as “The Great Mother” energy of all energies.  She resides in the sacral chakra and has an unmatched ability to nurture.

In darkness, Yemaya nurtures and brings forth that which has conceived into existence.  From the womb to entering this world and maturing in it, we can see how Yamaya is always with us.

Amniotic fluid preserve each new life in its mother's womb until she becomes the gateway through which it is born.  From her bosom she nurtures it and as a child, she embraces and empowers it.  As an adult, she reminds it of its roots and foundational principles.


Yemaya/ Yemoja’s presence in our daily lives…


Demonstrated with Salt Water


Salt water flushes for the digestive track

Purifies, Heals

Tears are said to “purify” the soul, surgeons use saline (saltwater) to encourage connective tissue growth

Protects, preserves

Amniotic Fluid protects an unborn child and saltwater is used as a common food preservative.


The density of salt water allows it to hold a greater amount of energy than freshwater. In bodily fluids as an electrolyte, salt greatly assists our body in its using electric impulses for brain communication and it specifically controls the electric signals that cause the heart to beat.


Things float easiest on top of salt water


Sea salt scrubs are used in spas to soften skin, salt is used to soften water in homes, and the rocks of rivers are often very smooth to touch


The water in our bodies ensure that electrolytes, such as potassium and even salt, remain in balance causing a steady heart beat



What does this mean to you who are now full grown?

Just as in childhood, we still have new ideas, desire to blaze new paths, and develop new understandings. Yemaya’s energy can be invoked for use at very specific levels during the development of each of our goals.

As we welcome her into our lives however, we must take time to invest in learning all that is necessary to greet this energy with “open hands.”  We must take time to balance our intentions...ensuring that our attempt at conjuring a river does not mistakenly lead to creating a hurricane.

Click on the link below for classes that will teach you how to adequately prepare for and to utilize this and other Orisha energies:


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