Umfundi Group Ritual: Orisha Coin Toss!

Often times the Umfundi at Sadulu House will get together, whether it’s for a meet up where all of the Umfundi get an opportunity to meet each other  and share their experiences, or if its to occasionally grab lunch, or to simply meet to go over some homework assignments  But at other times, it’s to perform group rituals!

This one in particular was provided to me by our instructor, HRU Yuya T. Assaan. ANU who gives us in depth instruction and guidance on the Orisha.  This was so potent, and on point, that I wanted to share it with the rest of the Umfundi.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: To perform this ritual it’s pretty simple. You’ll need a coin, and 2 white sheets of paper which you’ll cut into 7 squares so that you can put the name of each of Orisha on each square. For this ritual I worked with the 7 major energies, Obatala, Esu, Ogun, Sango, Oya, Osun, and Yemoja.  Next bring whatever else inspires YOU when you do your rituals. For this one I used frankincense and myrrh to burn on a charcoal disc, a white candle,  and a bowl of spring water which I typically use when I do my invocations.

NOTE: Whatever energy you are guided to, it is important to understand the nature of that energy and then how it applies to your situation in order for you to manifest the reality that you’re attempting to create!

HOW TO DO IT: Check it video, Enjoy & Share!




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  1. Nice!
    Keep in mind, the reasoning for divination is to remove the conscious thought from the reasoning or deduction process. If a certain Orisha arises do not question it because you assume or “know” from previous study or emulative data. Approach your sessions with an open mind and spirit. Ogun arising from family makes just as much sense as Yemoja or Osun depending on what the objective and underlying issue is.
    Ogun hates mental insanity and strife.
    Good work. Stay creative with it. The best forms of ritual and divination are the ones you create and morph though your own creative mind.

  2. Thank You! As well as thank you for the further clarity on the reasoning for divination. We will definately keep this perspective in mind for our next Umfundi Group Ritual!