The Orisha – From Internal to External

Orisha Mixtape Vol. 1

The Orisha – From Internal to External Part 1

This article is an extended contribution to the Orisha chapter in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”.
When you try to assimilate all of your new spiritual breakthroughs into the current perceptual framework that you’ve already adopted; far too often the potentiality of what that “new” information could manifest for you is limited by those current perceptual margins. Even integrated observations dealing with morality and quote, “good and evil” will create a fear mechanism within in you which will prevent and block you from fully realizing the value of the information placed before you.

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You’ll never get to a place of true understanding when dealing with these entities if you’re constantly trying to quantify and figure them out using the lowest part of you which is your flesh brain. The ANU spiritual order teaches the key is to approach these traditions, Orisha traditions, with an open spirit and a controlled mind. In other words you have to learn to remove your human thought and approach with the highest part of you which is your awareness or your spirit.

1st let’s start here. The Orisha are primal energies, they’re not children, and they’re not humanistic brats who throw temper tantrums if you feed them the “wrong” foods or place them in a corner of your home that you think they don’t like. The Orisha don’t like or dislike anything. They are an indifferent energy. The direction and intent that you charge them with is what adds the humanistic qualities to the expression of the Ase or Power. The Orisha are not as concerned with human affairs as our egoic selves would like to imagine that they are. In order to petition the assistance of an Orisha one must invoke them internally and externally. In the podcast series “Unleashing your Inner Orisa” this concept and methodology is taught.

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The Orisha maintain the natural functions of the planet and beyond but, those external natural processes are only but a phantom reflection of what is occurring in your own innerverse of internal body/mind/spirit. There is nothing that happens on the outside of your body that doesn’t occur on the inside. That is the way that you must approach the learning of any esoteric, occult, metaphysical, of traditional African religion in your study. Study from internal to external.

Enjoy Part 2 of “The Orisha From Internal to External”

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