The Lucid Experience

Learning to astral travel is extremely beneficial when it comes to communicating with spirits. Lucid dreaming is one method used to astral travel. Ori Ipon Ri also known as Doppelganger which literally means “double you” is your etheric double that exists within the astral realm. It is the all powerful aspect of yourself.

One of our assignments was to read “The Art of Dreaming” by Carlos Castaneda and to practice the techniques shown in the book to help one experience lucid dreaming.

This level of awareness within another dimension helps to break the limitations that exist within the mind. As told by my instructor magic is the unfolding of the mind; it is the mind that creates tomorrow and our experiences are determined by the ceiling of our awareness. Lucid dreaming is one way to expand our ceiling of awareness.

During my personal experiences with lucid dreaming, I noted being aware, instant travel, sharp “eye” sight (seeing far distances and intricate details) and being able to consciously think and communicate within my dream.

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The Art of Dreaming explains the one simple key to engaging in a lucid dream is to…

“Look For Your Hands”
“All you do is go to bed with a clear intent to look at your hands in the dream state. That’s it. When it happens and you dream about looking at your hands, you will instantly remember that you must be dreaming, and you will then become lucid. The dream will suddenly become very vivid and solid-looking.”

Overtime, with practice, you will be able to interject more intention into your dreams. Carlos Castaneda speaks of many amazing lucid experiences. With practice I look forward to Lucid dreaming mastery; as with anything else it takes time and dedication.

Hint: Don’t panic if your hands look crazy and strange during your lucid experience- you are on the right track.

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