The Lonely Road


A family member was venturing to commune with the ancestors. She was introduced to Hoodoo by a Nigerian man, a follower of Ife, whom she dated for a spell. He introduced her to the practice but shortly thereafter returned to Nigeria and she moved to Virginia out of the New York area.

In Virginia, she was surrounded by family members who were following a different doctrine and religion. Fear of isolation led her to keep the information learned to herself. With no one to talk to she relied heavily on books and the Internet for information. By chance one day at a family gathering someone mentioned ancestors and she replied “You have to feed them.” I replied “Yes, you do.” Our eyes met briefly and the connection that we were on the same road was made. We recognized that we were on the same journey, however under different circumstances. I shared with her all that I had learned to the best of my ability. We would spend hours on the phone conversing and sharing. As much as she desired to commune with the spirits, fear was holding her back. After many long conversations with her I began recognize it for what it was.

a. The fear of isolation. As Africans in America we have embraced other religions without the willingness to even hear about anything else. For us, spiritual conversation about anything outside of the mainstream garnishes a number of reactions: requests for more information, isolation, loathing and/or banishment. It’s considered going against the grain, which is unacceptable; or could lead you to the gates of hell.

b. The fear of opening Pandora’s Box. Movies like the Exorcist, Poltergeist, and The Serpent and the Rainbow are designed to convince us of lurking danger. The continuous theme is good people turned bad when confronted with the spirit realm. While your intentions may be good the outcome could be detrimental. Once you let them in, your life could be turned upside down. In reality just the opposite is the case.

c. The fear of the unknown. What do I say to the spirit? How should I dress? What kind of food to offer? Which language should I use? Am I saying it properly or am I insulting them?

All of the above stems from the uncomfortable position of stepping in to a new area.

To my cousin and all new initiates I say I had all the same questions and fears. I was fortunate not to have to go it alone. Having entered this journey with the support of HRU as my teacher and guide, I recognize how fortunate I am. However, you should know that you are not alone. The pull that you feel to commune with your ancestors is your ancestors attempting to commune with you. Approach them and they will help you along the way. Pay close attention to your dreams, and the conversations you have when you “talk to yourself”. Often that’s where you will hear the voices.


  1. Deborah J. Queen

    I attended Catholic schools for 12 years, primarily for the academic instruction. It was there that I remember experiencing my first awarness that there is a god. Someone or something greater than me that I had to be accountable to. After Catholic school ended, I began to think and ‘define things for myself.’ I started to question what I had previously failed to question about the confines of institutionalized religions. My dawning into a new consciousness led me to the study of other religious disciplines and spiritual cultivation systems. Over the next twenty-five years; I casually studied Islam and consulted with my Muslim brothers and sisters. I chanted ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ with my Buddhist friends; I graciously imbibed the principles of Metu Neter; reading volumes I & II, while attending seminars with the Ausar-Auset Community; this latter path being the most spiritually enlightening in my quest to know god(s). But, I still knew something vital was missing.

    One day I met and began to date a Nigerian brother who had a book on ancestral worship. I quickly read and took notes because the book was not available for me to borrow and our relationship would be short-lived. As abruptly as I had begun, I ceased my rituals to my ancestors who had transcended….

    ….until I met my cousin Theresa. My extended family is big. I still do not know all of my relatives. Theresa visited me in Virginia. We remained in contact after she traveled back north… Our meeting is no per-chance coincidence. My ancestors heard me crying and sent me help. They sent me Theresa. I now have guidance and trust with Theresa. (And the only fear I do have is what will happen if I do not feed, commune with my ancestors). Ashe

  2. Chief Yuya

    It’s always going to be a lonely road, in a corporeal sense, because you came here to do your own work. If that were not so, you would have stayed in the non-physical realm.
    The feelings of true “aloneness” only surface when we delusion ourselves into believing we can ever disconnect from out ancestral line. It’s a knowing, really. Once you accept this knowing of perpetual connection you never have that doubt or fear again. These are twin children of EGO. Ego separates you and a portion of it is necessary in order to fulfill your unique purpose on the planet but, an imbalance of it makes you think you are going into an abyss of learning and transformation alone. This is never so.
    Every family has its ESU, it’s way opener who will cosmically lead the rest of the members to their return home. The motivators of any real movement are always a small nucleus that spurn the masses to change, whether they want it or not.
    Clearly you two are the Onibode or gatekeepers for your blood line in this season.
    Remember, if you’re looking for anything to Lord over you, you’ve already imprisoned yourself. There is nothing to serve or to be accountable to other than your own promise you made to yourself to get your work done before you emerged into this reality. Any God, Deity, Orisa, Angel, NTR, or whatever MAN has conjured is not even as ancient as your own soul so, how could you be accountable to it? All of these energies are here to assist you in you doing your OWN work. They work with you. They don’t do the work for you out of some religiously indoctrinated sentiment of affection and concern. They’re more concerned with their own Ascension than yours.
    The same goes for our Ancestors.
    You feed them by raising your own vibration.
    Nothing is here to Lord over you, unless you desire it to be so. The first thing you should feed is your own soul because if that’s working at a handicap, nothing happens for anyone. Begin with the internal.
    Ancestors are in your blood so, if you are raising your vibration and increasing the rate of internal Alchemy inside of your temple, they are being empowered.

    1. Anonymous

      Hru (Teacher) has enlightened me. I am reminded that I am that greatness I have struggled with as having the power to “Lord” over me. By re-charging my soul, raising my vibration, I can commune with my ancestors who have transcended. And in the process continue to reconcile the traumas of their bondage (and my ongoing psychological bondage) in this country. This trauma is spiritually wired in us to this day. We have to over-stand this. And tap back into the signature of our greatness.

      Our people are deeply lost. We have become “saved. From what? Not exactly sure. We have immersed ourselves in the “delusion” that there is something greater than ourselves controlling our lives. And as a sad consequence, we have relinquished responsibility for/to ourselves and to one another. This is so easy to do. We have transferred the responsibility of our transgressions (our straight-out mistreatment of one another) to the one “ Lording” over us. “The Lord will take care of it.” And while we continue to mistreat one-another, you have to forgive, if you want the Lord to forgive you. Because the Lord will forgive you, only if you forgive others. This is what saved people believe! Until the next time. .. The same negative behaviors are recycled over and over again. Because, guess why? God will continually forgive you. An eschewed holy consent that continually excuses bad behavior. Living in a church-state, I have carefully observed the behaviors of my peoples turn their moral compasses on and off whenever they saw fit. Praise the Lord in church on Sunday and commit a plethora of transgression the rest of the week. What is deemed as “saved” translates into “lost.” Willie Lynch laid down his “making of a slave” real well.

      Teacher summons us back to taking responsibility for our own destiny. We have to look within not without of ourselves for anything or anyone to validate our existence. Stop using orthodox religion as a crutch for psychological comfort; because as a consequence, all analytical thought is suspended. As Brother Malcolm X once said, “Define Things for Yourself.“ This is the key to spiritual freedom.

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