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Self Actualization With The Cosmic Forces of West Africa Tour

Charles J. Evans

I came in contact with H. Yuya Assaan Anu through Blog Talk Radio.  From the very first podcast I found his approach to spirituality refreshing, interesting, and pragmatic.  Listening to his podcasts it was clear that he possessed a wealth of knowledge that allowed him to make very complex subjects much more easily digestible and understandable.  After listening to about 20 or 30 podcasts, I finally decided to have a reading done.  I was literally blown away.

Admittedly, I am what some people might label a “skeptic”, but I was absolutely disarmed after that reading and joined the class a few weeks later.

There’s an expression the elder’s in my family have about “laying eyes on someone” to know what is really going on with them.  It’s one of the many maxims that I try to incorporate into my daily living.  Even though the stop on the Self-Actualization Tour was over 3 hours away from me I made it my business to go see H. Yuya Assaan Anu in person.  While his session at this event was about an hour, and seemed to go by in 15 minutes, there was an incredible amount of information offered.

Anyone who has listened to a podcast of his knows that you have to take notes and often stop and rewind to get as much as you can written down.  The in person sessions are no different.  You can tell that he enjoys teaching and sharing his experience and expertise on how you can reach your highest level possible.

He also stayed after the session to talk with a few of us on some of the subjects in his session and take them a little deeper.  That’s where I got a sense of his humility and his openness to hearing and listening to the ideas and perspectives of others, even when it came on subjects that he was clearly more knowledgeable about.

One of the first things he said in the session was, “Spirituality is an art and an art can never be mastered”.  This statement set the tone for a session and challenged each of the participants to reconsider what personal power, the ability to create reality, and spiritual understanding are truly all about.  I left that session that day more committed to doing the personal, spiritual work to create my masterpiece.

The tour is certainly worth your time and energy to attend.  You will not regret it and you will definitely leave enlightened and ready to transform your life.


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