Subconscious Mind: The power of your hidden thoughts

Subconscious Mind

What is the subconscious mind?

Our mind and brain do not do the same things.  Here are simple definitions of each:

  • Our brain is a repetitious computer.  It controls the same bodily functions daily as it was programmed at birth to do so.
  •  Our minds are oceans full of everything we experience.  In these oceans, information is processed to make sense to us and stored.

Our brain is responsible for the automatic blinking of our eyes and our breathing in air, without even thinking about it.  It has been programmed to carry out these daily tasks.  Our brains constantly collect information about ourselves and about the world around us by using our five senses.  It motivates our bodies to touch, taste, smell, listen, and to look at everything because it is in a constant state of downloading.

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Unlike our brain, our minds cannot be touched.  Similar to a software program in a computer, you can do things with it, however, it cannot be held with hands and then removed.  With our minds, we value or de-value things or experiences.

Where the brain says, “Something is hurting our fingers,” the mind says, “Our fingers hurt because of the hot water we poured onto them.”  Our minds store all the connections between each bit of information our brains have picked up with our five senses.

The conscious part of our minds is our awareness and is made up of the memories, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that we can very easily access because they are simply floating on the surface of this “ocean” of our minds.  We know where we are today or where we were yesterday because we are conscious, or aware, of what day it is and how the calendar is structured.

The sub-conscious mind is the collection of thoughts that lie below the ones we can easily reach in and pull out when we need them.  In the ocean of our minds, these are the ones that rest in the deep, dark bottom.  These thoughts are the “secrets” we have.  They have been forgotten about or purposely hidden in pain.


Although we are not aware of our subconscious thoughts, they greatly affect us, just as the foundation of any structure affects what is at the top.  If our subconscious minds are unstable, then the conscious minds we use to act with daily will be unstable as well.

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If the depths of our oceans are polluted, then pollution will rise to the top one day.  If great power is what lies at the bottom, then that power may be what has lead to some of our life’s greatest accomplishments, even if we are not aware of it.

To illuminate what is in your subconscious mind, you may need to seek specialized help.  Although exploring it is a must, know that whomever you choose to trust will have access to the very core of you.  Choose wisely.

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