Spiritual Training Phase 1

Spiritual Training Phase 1

ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1 is the initiation into the ministry to yourself. Empower and Heal yourself with a Spiritual methodology that works for YOU! Become a part of a powerful priesthood order!

Spiritual Training Phase 1 course outline:

Module 1 Course Introduction
Unit 1 1. F A Qs
Module 2 Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul
Unit 1 2a. Lecture: Mind, Body, Spirit
Unit 2 2b. Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul - Reading
Unit 3 2c. Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul - Activity
Unit 4 2d. Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul - Quiz
Module 3 Uncovering Your Life Purpose
Unit 1 3a. Lecture: Uncovering Your Life Purpose
Unit 2 3b. Uncovering Your Life Purpose - Reading
Unit 3 3c. Uncovering Your Life Purpose - Activity
Unit 4 Uncovering Your Life Purpose - Quiz
Module 4 Embrace the Elements
Unit 1 Embracing the Elements - Lecture
Unit 2 Embracing the Elements - Reading
Unit 3 Embracing the Elements Activity
Unit 4 Embracing the Elements - Quiz
Module 5 The Chakras and our E-Motions
Unit 1 Lecture: The Chakras and our E - motions
Unit 2 The Chakras and our E-motions
Unit 3 Chakras & Our E-motions Activity
Unit 4 Healing the Emotional Body - Quiz
Module 6 Spiritual Allies
Unit 1 Lecture: Spiritual Allies
Unit 2 Spiritual Allies Activity
Unit 3 Spiritual Allies - Quiz
Module 7 Establishing and Defining the Components of a Shrine and Altar
Unit 2 Content: Establishing and Defining the Components of a Shrine and Altar
Unit 3 Activity: Establishing & Defining the Components of a Shrine & Altar
Unit 4 Shrine and Altars - Quiz
Module 8 Reality Reconstruction
Unit 1 Lecture: Reality Reconstruction
Unit 2 Reality Reconstruction Day 1
Unit 3 Reality Reconstruction Day 2
Unit 4 Reality Reconstruction Day 3
Unit 5 Reality Reconstruction Day 4
Unit 6 Reality Reconstruction Day 5
Unit 7 Reality Reconstruction Day 6
Unit 8 Reality Reconstruction Day 7
Unit 9 Reality Reconstruction - Quiz
Module 9 Spiritual Baths and Home Cleanses
Unit 1 Lecture: Spiritual Baths & Home Cleanses
Unit 2 Spiritual Baths
Unit 3 Home Cleanses
Unit 4 Spiritual Baths and Home Cleanses - Quiz
Module 10 Elements of Ritual and Sacrifice
Unit 1 Lecture: Elements of Rituals & Sacrifice
Unit 2 Elements of Ritual and Sacrifice - Ritual
Unit 3 Elements of Rituals and Sacrifice - Sacrifice
Unit 4 Ritual and Sacrifice - Quiz
Module 11 The Oracle Surface
Unit 1 Lecture: The Oracle Surface
Unit 2 The Oracle Surface Activity
Unit 3 Divination - Quiz

Here are some of the concepts that are covered in this series:

Self Actualization
Employing Cosmic Archetypes and Natural Forces
Spiritual Baths and Cleanings
Soul Enlightenment
Discovering your sacred path

Spiritual Training Phase 1 Objectives:

  • Empower the student to proficiently invoke ancient and modern day deities
  • Give the student a set of exercises and a tried and proven template in order for them to design their own rituals
  • Certify participants in the ANU order for those who want to perform spiritual task for other people
  • Assist participants in uncovering their divine life purpose and path