Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Reading

We all need spiritual direction regardless of our position in life, circumstances, or educational levels. A well done spiritual reading is a valuable asset to have in your life. With the information of your soul mission you’ll find yourself in less unpleasant situations, less confusion, and on the path to success; however you choose to define it.

What to expect during your spiritual readings

  • A standard spiritual consultation last for one hour (more time can be purchased as needed).
  • Readings are done over the phone (Skype and other VOIP services are available for use).
  • Your spiritual reading will over the various areas of your life and others that you specify (Love, Wealth, Family, Career, Aspirations, Health).
  • You can ask any question you’d like and you will receive concrete, and clear, answers to your questions.
  • Your reading will be done by a well-trained and qualified ordain spiritual counselor who knows how to maintain the integrity and privacy of the spiritual consultation.
  • You will be given prescriptions and activities to do to either maintain the flow of fortune in your life or remove the obstacles from your path that are hindering your personal growth and spiritual healing.

Schedule Your Spiritual Reading Here

Please schedule your spiritual consultation on the appointment calender, fill out the required information, and you will then be prompted to make your donation for the spiritual reading afterwards. Once your donation is completed your appointment will be confirmed.
Note: Readings requested within 48 hours of the time you request your appointment may need to be rescheduled. It is advised that you schedule your readings 3-5 days in advance.