“Grasping the Root of Divine Power”

Spiritual Book

Grasping the Root of Divine Power

“Grasping the Root of Divine Power” is an excellent spiritual guide book that breaks down very complex concepts that pertain to culture, spiritual growth, manifesting a spiritual life, oracles, and various other dimensions of deep thought and indigenous philosophy. The book provides detail about the Orisha tradition, alter building, spiritual healing, and the evolutionary forces of nature and beyond from a perspective that’s never been tapped any any book in recent times. The author HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU has delivered a practical spiritual guide for self help and a deeper understanding of life, itself.

Your spiritual life need not be a maze of complicated and cryptic information that you have to filter through for hours and hours to only find a minimal percentage of that’s contained. We all need spiritual guides and scriptures to help define our experiences. This book does just that. It outlines some very basic and advanced concepts and explains them in a way that allows the reader to begin applying their truths immediately.

Oracles and Divination

OBI divination and shell divination is explained so thoroughly in this guidebook that you’ll not need another book after this one to give you all the confidence and know-how you’ll need to cast to your ORI, Ancestors, and Orisha competently. This book also covers the Opon IFA casting surface and describes the movement of energy through that surface and through our lives. The author allows you to draw up your own examples for your oracles and even provides you with effective exercises and narratives that help you to come to the best understanding possible as to how to use these powerful tools and begin to make effective change in your life.

The Orisha

The Orisha are explained so thoroughly in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” you’ll never be at a loss when trying to identify or work with these powerful cosmic forces. You’ll find prayers, attributes, incarnations, gemstones, colors, numbers, and even symbols for the well-known seven African powers. For your work with the Orisha, this is the “Spiritual Book”. All of the dogma and bloated over-worded ritual is removed and the true essence of the Orisa energies are explained in an easy to understand manner.

Contained in this work you’ll find prayers, rituals, Orisha information, Ancestral information, step-by-step guides to building a shrine, OBI divination, Coconut Divination, nine position Kola Nut Divination, and much, much more.


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  1. […] “Baba Esu is “Onibode” (the gatekeeper between Heaven and earth); known by many names such as Tata Eleggua, Exu, Eshu, Elegba,Elegbara, Legba, and Papa Elegba. Messenger of the Orisa, the guardian at the threshold between the physical and a metaphysical plain; Esu is everywhere. It is said Esu resides at the crossroad, opens and closes all doors, and shows multiple possibilities for our Path. Esu serves as intercessory between those who dwell on the physical plain and the Orisa.” – Excerpt from “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”. […]