Orisha Initiation

Orisha Initiation

Many reach out to us looking to be initiated into the mysteries and ASE(power) of their patron Orisha.
Finding someone whom you can trust to not only initiate you properly but, to guide you afterwards through proper practices and responsible maintenance for the Orisha you’ve been empowered to can be a complicated, and nerve wracking, ordeal.
At the Sadulu House spiritual center we stress education first and initiation secondly. For many initiated and uninitiated this represents a reversal of how things are typically done in the Orisha community.
Every individual who is initiated by an Ifa or Orisha priest/priestess becomes a reasonable spiritual responsibility and representation of that priest or priestess. Those who come under the guidance of Sadulu House and our chief Jegna are known for their spiritual power, knowledge, and effectiveness.
In maintaining the high caliber of men and women initiated through Sadulu House, all initiates are strongly encouraged to take classes prior to their initiation date.
Spiritual Training
The fee for classes is included in your initiation shrine offering

This is a true, and authentic, initiation into the power of your guiding Orisha and not just a fanciful ceremony meant to make you believe you have a power you don’t. You won’t be given a multitude of shrine implements and accessories that you’re not taught how to properly utilize; nor will you be left alone after your initiation with no counsel or guidance.

A 15 minute spiritual reading and consultation is required prior to any initiation

These readings are done prior to initiation to determine and confirm the Orisha family you were birthed from and to also customize any particulars of your initiation; so that it is done to perfection for you, individually.

For more information on Orisha initiation head over to Orishareligion.com


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