Spiritual Life!

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

One of the key things that makes me feel at home or know that I am in the right space in terms of my spirituality is that it has become a way of life and not something that I practice one day a week.

After continuing to seek out the change I know I needed in my life, my spirit lead me to Sadulu House. Here I have been exposed to truth and so many different systems to explore as well as “how” to think  as opposed to “what” to think.

For me this experience has allowed my spirit to be free and non restricted through being exposed to several systems that actually work and continue to evolve and transform me throughout my journey.

However initially it was not a way of life. As a novice I was initially apprehensive, and had some reservations about certain things I was learning. I feared what people would think, especially my friends and family, and worried what would they think if they saw my shrines. But I soon learned that this fear, or not allowing this new part of my life to be expressed in every aspect of my life, would only inhibit my growth and diminish the power of my spirit.

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So, as mentioned in a previous post, I soon learned that this path can be a “Lonely Road” at times but it’s definitely worth it in exchange for the growth and transformation that will occur if you are receptive to it. You will open yourself up to some of the most amazing people and experiences that you would not have met or had otherwise. And most importantly,  you will be amazed at  your own growth and evolution!

As with all things, you get out of it, what you put into it. Therefore I encourage you, especially if you are a novice, to move at your own pace, but definitely open yourself up to fully experience your spiritual growth and development. Make sure to make this not only apart of your life, but a way of life!

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  1. Hi Assaan,
    I need some websites that i can do some more research cause i am limited in material. I am a seeker of the truth and a lover of wisedom,knowledge and understanding. Please assist me

  2. Greetings Christopher,

    Head over to udemy.com/anu-priesthood1 and blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation to begin your learning with us.