The Spiritual Course

Spiritual Course

Steering The Spiritual Course

There is a knowing or force that exists behind our every thought and reflexive action. When we say things such as, “My mind is playing tricks on me” there is a consciousness that is judging brains function, ruminations, and for that matter dysfunction.
This observant force is called our spiritual consciousness. This force is not static, it is constantly moving and desires to evolve forward along a spiritual course. However it can be hindered.
This spirit can either guide thought to a place closer to the intention of the supreme consciousness or it can create a disconnect between all of the interdependent components of the internal community of self. The consciousness of an individual not only sits above the human personality and its thought forms but, it also serves as the buffer space between all internal components such as the mind, emotional body, physical body, nervous systems, and even the auric body.
This buffer between the parts of the inner and outer self is a flow of energy. One could consider it a waterway of consciousness. With the progression of human thought progression and corruption those energetic rivers become polluted and even dammed by the obstructions of ego.

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This muddying of the buffers of consciousness manifest various ways. A person’s life. Here are some of the ways this disconnect to the pure flow of consciousness manifest in the individual:

  • Depression
  • Despondency
  • Indecisiveness
  • Excessive meandering
  • Internal confusion
  • Bodily disease and sickness

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We’ll also call this flow of consciousness the “spiritual course”. A course is a flow or travel way. When that travel way is intentionally blocked with obstruction or challenge we call it an obstacle course. How does one navigate this muddy and blocked terrain without a guide or coach to develop their ability to get through the challenge? It is possible but, years can go buy just trying to climb one proverbial “wall or set of ropes”.
Spiritual course
So to this end we find navigators, spiritual guides, counselors guru’s, shamans, etcetera…to coach us through the obstacles we’ve placed in the flow of our own consciousness connection to our greatest. The majority of the times these life challenges are unseen by the person in the midst of them. What the individual perceives as a problem on the surface maybe a strengthening gift in an unearthly sense and should be approached from that place, first. Through working with a spiritual counselor we learn how to see the underlying meaning and solution to our life obstacles and challenges. And like a flow of wind or water we learn to pass right around them as if they weren’t there.
This is the value of a competent spiritual guide deliver first rate spiritual training!

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