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Excerpt form ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1 lecture on “The Fundamentals of Ritual”
“A Ritual is in an activity or set of activities which aims schools to Herald or bring about a new reality for those eyes of anything right for targeted by the rite. The word virtue more often than not, comes with very negative connotation. When many people think of ritual they think people of people long dark for the robes in dimly lit basements, reciting ancient chants to come old heathenish god. In truth, many are in the midst of socially engineered rituals everyday but give no notice to them because they’ve been programmed with a very narrow view of what a rite actually is. In america, we even have a nationwide pharmaceutical/drug store by the name of “Rite Aid”. This is a store that sells narcotics so that you can be aided in your rites. There are many stores like the one mentioned, and many of us have frequented them and bought aids for ritual such as toothpaste, soap, glasses, cologne, prescription meds, candles, matches, breath mints, and various other implements that we use daily in order to maintain the reality that we currently know or to bring about our latent vision of what we’d like our lives to be. These rituals are no less impacting as the ones that are so often misrepresented through public media.
I’ve been thinking right of passage program for almost a decade. My “Asafo” program deals with the actual rituals and passed down knowledge that people need to have in order to move on to the next stage/s in their lives. In order to con Creek what has been taught and what has been demonstrated as learned, there are various activities and ceremonies that I will in order to rewire the subconscious mind of the participants into knowing that the new stage of reality has been achieved.”


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  1. I am so ready to take the ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1, And the way you explained The Fundamentals of Ritual makes learning Yoruba IFA so interestingly mysterious….ASE

  2. Looking forward doing Rituals that will help me take care of me and my love ones the insight that you gave on fundamentals of Rituals lets me know that I am taking the right course of traing

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