Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Here you’ll find guides, hints, and tips to assist you with various foundational spiritual rituals, activities, and exercises.
Apply them with an open mind and heart.

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Do we need spirit guides or can we just tune into our spirit ourselves?
There is a path that can be walked as a self-initiate through study, self guided rites of passage, trial and error, and careful observation.
The path of the apprentice is a guided one that allows the student to interact with a depth of information and experience beyond their current sphere of knowledge.
Spirit guides come in various forms. There are earthly spiritual guides, sometimes as ministers, pastors, shamans, gurus, Babalawos, Iyanifas, and community Elders.

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Earthly guides come into our lives for various reasons but, are usually introduced into our lives as a result of a traumatic ordeal. Many times individuals in the midst of an unpleasant situation will seek counsel from a spiritual guide. Often times this leads one down the path of a new religion or even occupation in the spiritual field.
Spirit Guides
Through renewed or beginning faith in a new set of spiritual values or norms a new spiritual way is introduced to the individual in need based on the effectiveness of the guidance prescribed.
On the contrary the introduction to an unearthly spirit guide usually begins with a more euphoric experience; although some will report occurrences of frightful exchanges with spirit entities. This type of relationship usually begins during ones childhood and is strengthen by the purity of youth. That spiritual, emotional, and mental purity of youthful naturalness is the place that the adult individual hopes to return to once a spiritual path is embarked on.

Here we see one value of the earthly spirit guide.

A spiritual counselor/instructor strives unceasingly to strip him or herself from the barriers of ego and acquired personality. The stripping away of, and softening of ego, allows the spiritual guide to more confidently access various levels of spirit bodies. So in effect the earthly spirit guide becomes a conduit for the unearthly spirit guide due to his or her ability to retain youthful innocence. The most enlightened personalities tend to have the most child-like minds.
One other role of the spiritual teacher is to provide translation services for the apprentice, often times the apprentice will undergo an experience which is beyond their mental or emotional comprehension. A competent spiritual teacher possesses the ability to not only define these experiences for the student but, to even recreate them in a controlled manner. These translation services would also include spiritual readings and dream interpretations.
spirit guide
By partnering with someone who is farther along the road and who lives by a code of righteousness, greater gains are made in a shorter time span. The included benefit is also the quality of the gains made. By have having achievements documented, measured, maximized, and explained along the way; one is able to truly become masterfully proficient with each set of skills and tools acquired along the way.
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