Soul or Spirit

Soul or Spirit

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What is a Soul?

What is a Spirit?

There are concepts that are hidden within language that all too often transpire our awareness without us truly taking the time to comprehend what we are linguistically expounding. To this effect we’ll address in this article the difference between a spirit and a soul.

Firstly, the soul and spirit are not synonymous with one another. A spirit is a transient force rooted to a specific level on the astral plain. The word spirit is synonymous with the words spiral and inspire. To be inspired is to be “in spirit”. The spiral represents the sacred geometry of energy and the DNA double helix.

A spirit is as strong and lasting as the energy that is injected into it. Spirits tune into various frequency’s and use these frequency’s to be fed. For instance, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Phyllis Hyman, Aliyah, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Sammie Davis Jr., Isaac Hayes, Barry White, and many others are no longer physically present on the earth plane but, their spirits are still very much present because of the constant tribute they still receive due to the body of works they’ve left behind. As long as these spirit bodies are maintained in the minds of individuals, or even the collective, they are kept alive.

A Soul is a much older entity. Your soul coming from the word ‘soulph’. Your Soul exist with you throughout various incarnations so, it can literally be millions of earth years old. As opposed to a spirit body which creates itself per incarnation. Every MAN on the planet has a soul. Man meaning:

Memph – Wombmyn

Alph – Man

Nun – Child

Mankind or those who are some kind of man do not contain Souls. The possession of a soul allows one to ascend beyond the astral plains and into the higher heavens unaccessible by spirit thought forms. Each soul on the planet works towards evolving itself towards a higher ascended home beyond the astral plain and towards a return to its “home”. Plants, animals, and terrestrial bodies do contain souls. Nature contains a soul.

Each organ in your body contains its own soul as well, and the balancing and healing of those particular body parts comes through the recognition and invigorating of those particular souls. Soul controls spirit, spirit controls, thought, controls emotions, emotions control actions, actions control physical condition.

Feed the Soul and life becomes what you imagine it should be. The soul is where all of your past life talent and wisdom lies. You could , veritably, have 1000 professions and talents buried in the recess of your soul. By enlivening it and feeding it through invocation you bring out those various gifts.

Above, you’ll find the best contemporary sonic tool to invoke your soul power. Play this song when you awake, at the midday, and before you sleep and I pledge your soul will awaken to it’s power. Music is the great liberator. Use it to liberate your Soul from its current chakra house and beyond.

Stay tuned for a chakra lesson, next!

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