News!!…New Book – Shrine and Altar

Shrine and Altar Book

“Shrine and Altar” is a journey into the base elements that are used to establish a sacred space of mindful meditation, spiritual awakening, and divine communion with the guardian forces of the cosmos. In this work the reader will be given tools in the form of knowledge that they can use as the building blocks for their spiritual work. A sacred space is a focused portal and spiritual gateway to worlds beyond our own. In this life of five sensory perception physical tools are often utilized in order to align all of our faculties to one intention. The erecting of a sacred space accomplishes this goal as it creates a single focused environment aimed at the singular goal of spiritual cultivation and empowerment. This book pursues a simplistic approach to altar/shrine erection in order to establish a foundational facility in the reader and spiritual aspirant. Before you lend your efforts to the design and construction of your next sacred space, you would do well to study the gems offered in this great work.

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