Self Actualization Tour With The Cosmic Forces of West Africa

Having an experienced Diviner for a teacher has been kind of odd. Watching him work his magic at a workshop though, for the first time, was more than impressive. Just one reading changed my life. Just one workshop ensured my path.

As a student of the Anu Spiritual Training, I'd already expected that a workshop offered by our Chief Jegna -a proven warrior for the people- would be intense.  (I've been on the first phase of the training alone, for almost 9 months now!) What I did not expect, however, was to be captivated by a presentation geared more towards tuning its listeners into their own paths than it was about teaching his own culture.

H. Yuya Assaan-Anu is not a teacher who is known for tapping lightly into any subject. Many of his views are controversial. Most go much deeper than what is traditionally offered in any religion or spiritual system- although his insights serve to actually clarify the teachings of them all.

My first reading from Anu offered exactly that: clarification.  I'd already had an idea of where I wanted to go in life, prior to getting a consultation/ seasonal reading this February.  What I walked away with, however, was an even greater sense of direction.  After the second, which was my Life Path Reading, I became even more aware of the cues and clues that surround me so that I could move along wisely.

 The workshop of the Self Actualization Tour I attended in New York, offered insight into cues, clues, clarifications, and tools but this time...for an entire room of people. That was pretty impressive.

If you have an idea of who you desire to be in life and either can't quite identify your obstacles or don't know how to move them out of your way, then this tour was definitely made for you. You may find that Afrakan spirituality concepts for your Afrakan mind, are just what you need.

There are only a few stops left, so RSVP while you still can at:

You can learn more about Jegna Anu, his tour, or some of his teachings at any of the following sites :



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