Self Actualization Tour Grand Prize Winner – Keithon Boyd

Self Actualization Giveaway

Self Actualization

Since the Self Actualization Tour has come to a close; the Sadulu House Spiritual Center is pleased to announce our Self Actualization Tour Grand Prize Product Giveaway winner; Keithon Boyd!

self actualization
Keithon Boyd – Winner


As the Self Actualization Tour commenced, participants at our workshops or expos were eligible for our free product giveaway valued at over $250.00 in products and services.

Keithon Boyd attended Chief Yuya’s 2014 Self Actualization Tour  Workshop in Dallas Texas on August 15th at one of our favorite bookstores; Pan African Connection.

Chief’s lecture was more than astonishing as the post lecture Q&A session lasted until 1 o’clock in the morning since the workshop participants wanted to continue building on Chief’s lessons presented within the lecture. Some participants even requested to have the raw copy of the entire lecture prior to the release of this workshop’s DVD (coming soon!)

Self Actualisation Tour
Chief Yuya Assaan-ANU

Keithon Boyd RSVP’d in advance and expressed his enthusiasm from pre-registration to present day as he has been very grateful to have access to the valuable information and gems that Chief Yuya has to offer.


Keithon was so thankful that he even provided a testimonial. To hear Keithon’s thoughts on Chief Yuya’s Self Actualization Workshop at Pan African Connection listen here:


 Keithon’s Prize Package includes:

  • ANU Spiritual Training Course: Phase I
  • 1 hour Spiritual Consultation with Chief Yuya
  • “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”
  • “Shrine and Altar”
  • “Solutions for Dysfunctional Families”
  • ANU Obi Divination Set
  • Shrine and Altar DVD
  • Self Actualization DVD
  • Orisha Archetypes DVD
  • Guest Appearance on ANU Asafo

We are delighted to present Keithon with our product giveaway and to be a part of his spiritual growth and development.

Keithon, we welcome you to our learning community and look forward to growing with you!

Enjoy Your Learning Experience!

Sadulu House Spiritual Center

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