Oya Bath for “Breaking” and cutting ties

Oya Bath

Oya Bath

I wanted to share with you an Oya bath that HRU had provided for me to serve as a cleansing of a failed relationship. It was advised that it’s good to cleanse yourself from relationships once they’ve ended so that you can begin your next season fresh and new!

Again, I am a novice, and still learning so much about this energy,  so I encourage you to study this energy well prior to working with her. However, what I do know is that she is definitely a powerful energy to work with, and  her results are swift.  Additionally Oya is the energy of transformation and death as this energy can be utilized to assist with your rebirth or transformation, as well as the reassignment of power, and letting go of things no longer needed.

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Oya’s day is Wednesday, as in this is the day her energy is high, but again you can do it any day that you like, and as many times as needed.

purple candle
charcoal disc
mint leaves
florida water

Prepare your Bath
Burn the mint leaves and myrr on the charcoal
Put the myrr, mint leaves, and florida water in the bath and soak in the bath

light your purple candle

Affirm: State whatever your affirmation is, out loud, and repeat as many times as you like

Air Dry

Also be sure not to engage in intercourse that night!

Look forward to the swift results as this energy assists with cleansing your path!

To learn more information on this powerful energy, please get a copy of Grasping the Root of Divine Power! by HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU:

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I will that this assists you with your transformation!

Oya Bath

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