The Orisha Mixtape Vol. 2 is here! – The “new” Orisha Songs.

orisha songs

Orisha songs

This musical journey is a celebration of the launch of the ANU Priesthood Learning series Phase 1. Feed all of the energies with you from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet. In this experience you’ll learn how the music speaks to the very nature of the ever-evolving quality of our dear guardian spirits and astral guides.
The music that came forth on this one is a nice laid back, eclectic blend. I have these coded Orisa songs on repeat in the ANU shrine. As it plays, it feeds and reaffirms the union I share with the powerful forces that enter and exit the ANU temple through invocation and evocation.
Take a nice blue bath, light seven candles, close out all artificial light, and vibe out to this audio blend.
You’re guaranteed to start seeing things!

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If you haven’t signed up for spiritual classes yet, make sure you do that before phase 2 begins so, we can maintain a collective pace, if you’re able.
It’s time we all move closer to our visions. Things are changing very speedily now and the leisure of “time” that we once had is quickly dissolving. Let’s get right, right now. In less than a year you can put yourself in a position where you will have the protection, creativity, glory, and beauty of the most powerful beings conceived.
Aid your journey by any means necessary. Savour this Orisa music and use the power ASE contained in these songs.
Receive this gift of music in the spirit that I created it with…unconditional service to my kindred SOULS.

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