Orisha Oya: Are you ready to transform or scared?

Orisha Oya

In relationships with ourselves and with others, we often experience great disappointments that we saw coming from a mile away.  We notice the warning signs and small changes that we choose to ignore and that often leads to bigger ones.  Our desire to control our experiences and to avoid disappointment is so great that we ignore every sign that shows us that it is indeed coming.

It is mainly because of our fears that we procrastinate.   Sometimes we advance very slowly.  At other times, despite the truth that life is always in motion, we simply choose to believe it is possible for us to “take a break” and stop moving completely.  We like to sit around and play with the “idea” of becoming greater than who we are and it usually takes an emotional earthquake to actually get us moving in that direction.

Even in our childhood, many of us were taught who God was and what our God(s) was capable of.  We faithfully practiced the rituals prescribed by elders:  giving offerings, being baptized, praying five times a day, working harder, etc.  We were taught how to communicate with that great life force to invoke it, in some way, at our whim.  It was only during our greatest tragic moment, however, that we began to not only question, but to move on the doubts in tradition that we had been long considering.

Slowly moving away from traditional teachings awkwardly changes how we view our elders.  It even begins to affect how we view ourselves.  For many of us, that quest has led us to this very website.  We are all in a constant state of transition that will undoubtedly require fearlessness, or at the very least, courage in the face of fear to continue advancing no matter what.

Oya, the Orisha of transitions, addresses our fear and directs our whirlwind of change through the rearranging of our focus and resources.  Like standing in the midst of a strong wind or great storm, once a transition has begun inside of you, it cannot be “stopped” and you can never actually “take a break.”  It can only be extended or endured until a full transformation takes place, while either inside of this body or after you leave it.  Learning to work with this energy as opposed to fighting it in denial will help you to better tolerate that process of change from who you are now into who you desire to become.

Oya is married to Sango, the Orisha energy of courage.  In utilizing the combination of these two, you can become better equipped to face your fears with courage for the purpose of mentally and physically elevating.   Together, they are able to move things around in our lives, while logically getting us to see and understand why we must leave our fears behind us.

Fear is the energy that WILL prevent you from graduating into the highest life form you can possibly be, but only if you let it.

Now, back to the original question:  Are you ready to transform or scared?

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