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Here the Sadulu House Spiritual center we advocate training over initiation.
Without the knowledge needed to rightfully comprehend the ceremonies and rituals that your spiritual system or religion may require, it becomes increasingly difficult to reproduce those experiences on your own.

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We also feel that spiritual education should not come at a high premium and, although there is a massive amount of work invested in presenting this level of information to you, there is a percentage of it that we enjoy giving to you as an offering to the human consciousness.
With this you benefit and are able to get a gist of the ANU methodology and teaching style, first hand, before you make the final decision to enroll in our more concentrated and guided courses.
Our ANU Spiritual Training is holds the foundations of our teachings but, between our free guides, radio show broadcasts, and free courses we strive to offer the community of knowledge seekers and opportunity to interact with deeper levels of information, free of charge.
We invite you to enroll any any of our free, as well as paid, courses.

Our support forums are open to all those who are enrolled in our paid courses. In these forums you will be able to connect with your fellow learning community and ask all the questions that you may need to.

Welcome and enjoy!



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  1. I am would like to take the spiritual training course but, i see it suggest i take the free online course first. Im using a mobile phone, is that why its not letting me sighn up?

  2. I have learned from many YouTube broadcasts. I’m ready to take the next steps

  3. Thank you for sharing this teachering. I am interested in the free online classes you offer. I must say that yours is the most in-depth knowledge and teaching in all my 24 years of Oreisha Practice. Gratitude and appreciation for your inspiring guidance.

  4. Hi my name is Francesca Petaway and I just fod out my DNA point out my ancestors is from west Africakei should like to Knox more about my ethnic background

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