Online classes

Online Classes

Please go through our online store and choose the class you would like to enroll in.
The link is below:

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    1. Yes, the introduction free class is AWESOME. In that one class I learned a life time of information. Thanks so much Chief Jegna for everything you do for us students. I know I truly appreciate you and your staff, tremendously…Ase’

  1. Hi Thank you for your videos. I was born in to the Orisha but i love to learn more

  2. I’m just starting my journey and was told that i should start with the orisha class. I would like to know where to find your class online.

  3. I would like more information on your classes. Can you provide a syllabus, class start dates and class start dates? I welcome the opportunity to speak with someone. Thank you.

  4. Raspect and Greetings Chief Yuya and the Sadulu family/community. I would like to join up and start the classes however I have not yet read the book Grasping the Root of Divine Power as yet. I have listened to many of Chief Yuya’s Facebook uploads but I’m not certain if I have a good enough ovastanding of the energy of the Orisha’s for me to be able to keep pace. Please can you advise?

    Give T’Ankhs.

    Sha Kaba

    1. Greetings Sharon,
      You don’t have to have read the book to start the classes. The book will help you as you go along. You can check out all of the videos in our archives on Enlightenment and Transformation on YouTube as well. All of the books and shows are supplements for the class. There are a lot of them, so don’t think that you’re at a deficit as far as what you know now. You can join anytime.

  5. Raspect and Greetings Chief Yuya and the Sadulu community. In reference to my previous comment – I have now signed up for classes and I am listening to Orisha – Unlocking the Power Within.

    Give TAnkhs

    Sha Kaba