Further OBI Divination Explanation

OBI Oracle for Santeria, Lucumi, Yoruba, and Orisa tradition

Grasping the Root of Divine Power covers Altar construction, Obi divination, Ancestor Veneration, Orisa worship, and Afrakan metaphysical concepts of spirituality and divination.


The Obi oracle can reveal a myriad of answers or perspectives while assisting in every area of our lives but, the oracle is ultimately charged and triangulated using your own Ase (Power, vigor, electromagnetic energy).

Obi Divination

Many will tell you that the Obi has only 5 basic positions, or 9, or 16, or 256…all of these answers are true but, what I’ve found is the Obi positions and answers are limited or expanded by your ability to see the often times subtle hints and clues that the oracle affords the diviner. There are times when you’ll cast your OBI and the position, as commonly taught, should mean one thing but, in fact, is saying something totally different to you. Go with your intuition. Your OBI will talk to you in a language that you innerstnad as they are infused with your own energy.

In fact all things in existence are talking to you. There are messages and latent communication that lie in every thing manifested on the planet. Every rock, mineral, plant, animal, force or nature…..EVERYthing is a force all by itself. All things are alive and have a connection with the often “unseen” world that exists concurrent to the “seen” world.
So, when one asks, “Is OBI divination accurate?” one could reply that OBI divination or any divination is as effective as a person’s ability to tune into the universal voice and pulse that resonates in all things. Some use OBI, cowries, cigar ash, tea leaves, fire, palms, eyes, cards, KWK…
What will be most accurate for you will be the oracle you find most intuitive. There may be systems that exist on another side of the globe from you using a language that is foreign to you. For you this may not be the most accurate oracle if you’re unable to speak the language that the tools of that oracle speak through. As you begin to cast more you’ll hear the voice in all things. You’ll even begin to see cast patterns appear across people and situations. You’ll know that all things are a pattern.

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  1. I have never heard about Obi divination before. Will it predict well? Can imagine about it? Anyway. thanks for your sharing this article. I rather enjoy.

    1. Greetings Mazie. If you would like to learn more about Obi divination, Grasping the Root of Divine Power is an excellent resource. To purchase that literature, go to http://www.alphaomegastore.com and look under the tab for books. Thanks for your inquiry.