“New” Orisha Songs

Orisha Mixtape Vol. 1

I have a treat for you all.

“New” Orisha Songs

I just finished recording the first ever, well to my knowledge, secular Orisha mixtape!!
You’ve all heard me say, too many times, that our images of these ancient forces are too ancient. We have decided that whatever they were when we first created/encountered them is what they will forever be. This is insanity. As the earth ages along with the rest of the galaxy, so do spirits. Spirits change and twist and transform.

With that said, who’s to say that the forces that stimulate those energies have not also changed. Are YOU still moved by music you may have heard 15 years ago, in the same way you were moved by it 15 years ago?? Sometimes, yes, but often as you’ve matured you’ve sought out or even created new sounds to compliment where you currently are and wish to be.

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It’s like listening to the oldies station on the radio. You’ll find that if you listen for a day or two, the same 20 songs play in rotation. I know for the Rhythm and Blues/Soul stations you’ll hear all of the Motown “A-sides” and a few other commonly known jams here and there but, it’s basically the same stuff. It’s clearly a radio PROGRAM.

There are other people on the planet who are moving and grooving to what’s happening now and the best of what happened then, why should they have all the fun…and power.

So, last night I was researching some material for an upcoming project and I found myself suffering from eye fatigue. So, I decided to switch gears and started assembling this Spiritual R&B Mixtape. I’ve had the idea for a very long time now and began compiling the songs but, needed to arrange them and of course track them. This is what I did last night and I can tell you it was so invigorating. I could feel the Orisha dancing around me and sending healing through my body. As I laid these songs down I forwarded my intention of joy and healing through them so, that you may feel what I felt while listening. Not to mention the insights that I’ve discovered just by re-listening to these songs while re-appropriating their purpose. I’ve had it on repeat all day and it’s given me the boost I’ve needed to get my work done.

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What I’ve done is compiled a selection of secular songs that I know were spirit inspired. Just like we decode movies through our Sadulu House learning series, we can also decode music. Everything that is perceived in the world is worth decoding because, the Creator creates in poetic form so, there is always a meaning behind the apparent. These great archetypes that we know, love, and study have chosen in this time dispensation to incarnate as entertainers; for the most part. Their lives our mythology as is their artistic expressions.

So, I lay at your feet the Orisha Mixtape Vol. 1. I will that you value this new Orisha music as much as I do and have over the years.

If you enjoy please leave your comments at Facebook.com/SaduluHouse. Share what your experiences were in listening to it.
Until next time, MY PEOPLE….


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  1. This is an amazing mix! I thought that it was going to be a compilation of traditional Orisha songs, but through this mix, I learned how the orisha work through all of our music including hip hop and R&B. This was inspiring and transforming and thoroughly enjoyed!