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    @fellsfeise Great Ra Sing Sistar I'm just finishing up The book Grasping...The chapter on Casting to the OBI was pretty in depth...I had to make sure I innerstood it fully before moving on...Did u do the 30 days of Casting?

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    Greeting, not sure if we are to submit an assignment but I wanted to share. My life aim is for me to stop focusing on myself and move toward being a team player. I also feel that I need to focus more on Sango energy as far as being more courageous. The tools I came to earth with is my Ori, Ancestors, Spiritual Guides and Warrior spirits and those spirits that came along with me during the Cancerian time when I feel to earth. When I look at my life past imprint I know understand why I chose the family I did, why I chose some of my experiences. My Nemesis would be for my past life would be my ego, vanity and only thinking about myself, though I am sure my past life I was someone special. I also feel like studying the energy of Sango I need to live life to the fullest and take risks. Studying the energy of Erzulie Dantor she is aggressive, wild and she provides success for business women. With that being said, I am going to look within and pull those things out of me.

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    @saduluhouseadmin Greetings, I only have three modules remaining to be completed, but there seems to be an issue accessing. The modules are: module 9 unit 1, module 10 unit 4 and module 11 unit 3. When I click on them the material does not appear. Does anyone know why that is? Thank you.

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    Blessings: I would like to thank Chief and the Anu nation for all of your works. It is greatly appreciated.



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