Why meditate?

What is meditation used for?

We meditate so that we can become adept at controlling our thoughts. This may sound like an easy task as much of the time we’re told to silence our thoughts. Silencing your thoughts is not necessarily a sign of enlightenment and transformation. There are various forms of mediation and one is not superior to the other.
Meditation allows you to come closer to feeling and sensing the enormity of the souls power and allows it to move in the direction it’s meant without the intrusion of mental chatter. This Mental chatter is what we call thought. Thought, human thought, is a product of ego and is confined to notions of time and space.
When we meditate we’re able to release ourselves from this quantum prison of time and space and a new set of logic kicks in allowing us to problem solve and reconstruct our life reality. The ability to control the mind is one step on the path to higher awareness. We strengthen our ability to transition into meditative states by emulating the nature of the Orisha Obatala.
Invocation of Archetypes is one method out of many.
It’s rare that we see any historical spiritual figure who’s performed miraculous feats who’s not employed the sacred tool of meditation.
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  1. I love all of your podcasts and Iā€™m pushing through your books which are excellent. Once I finish reading I will start your classes.