Love is Not Pain

Love is Not Pain

Love is Not Pain

Highlight on Lesson 10 of ANU Spiritual Training:

Love need not be pain or sacrifice.
When we enter our rituals and life experiences with this notion we create a vortex of expectations surrounding what it is that we are offering.
If you do not, first, love yourself in loving another; you will feel uncomfortable. Your expressions of “love” become filled with an underlying resentment.
This discomfort is like the Grecian army inside of the Trojan Horse given to the city of Troy.
When people receive unbalanced love it weighs down on them like a ton of bricks. So, in time, the intended recipients deny or reject your love based on this implanted seed of discontent.
When we cannot love ourselves but offer love, we feel like we have become martyrs in the process; sacrificing what we do not have, for another. The same goes for kindness, gratitude, charity, kwk…
When not possessed by the giver, the one who is the receiver of these expressions feels the sense of guiltiness, impotency, and demands that shroud the offering/expression.

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Now, transliterate this over to our spiritual studies.
When you offer an archetype adimu (offering), it can be “rejected” because the seed of it holds a hardened feeling of martyrdom. The degree that you can offer these same elements to yourself is the degree of intensity and purpose that the recipients will feel it.
If you offer rum to the Orisha for celebration yet take no time for yourself to celebrate your achievements, you weaken your offering. If you offer Obi to the Orisha for vitality and fruitfulness but do not engage in any activities to fortify yourself or to produce creatively you weaken your offering. You can offer all the Palm Oil you would like to Elegba but, you intentionally abuse yourself by making things harder in your journey than need be, the petition for a smoother road is less felt.

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Many of us walk with splintered personalities, in this way. We offer love and devotion to the entities that we feel guide us and protect us but, we send none to ourselves.

The introductory step in all this, is being kind to yourself. This is the trigger.

Then learn the metaphorical significance of what you would choose to offer. Why rum? Why Gin? Why Efun? Why Camwood? Why Chants? Why Songs?

To learn, further, why love is not pain join the ANU Spiritual Training here:

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