Love Bath

Love Bath

Love Bath

This is a great ritual for a bringing love into your life and strengthen your ability to love and be loved. This bath will fortify your heart chakra and increase your attractiveness. You can do this bath in conjunction with a love spell, as well for added results.

  • Yellow flower petals
  • 1 gallon of Cow’s Milk
  • 1 Quart of Goats Milk
  • 1 Bottle of White Wine
  • 1/2 cup of cinnamon
  • 1/2 half cup of dark brown sugar
  • 1 Cup of Honey
  • 1 small Bottle of Florida Water
  • 1 seven day yellow Candle
  • 1 Glass Bottle of Honey
  • 1 White candle

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Smokey Robinson Love Bath

      1. Write seven of the qualities that you want in a mate on the piece of paper.
      2. Put that paper inside of the glass bottle of honey, after you put a finger full of honey on your own tongue.
      3. Seal the Jar
      4. Warm your cup of honey (You can do this by taking the cup and placing it in a saucepan of hot water)
      5. Light Your 7 Day Candle in your bathroom.
      6. Remove all of your clothes and remain disrobed until this bath is done.
      7. Take a bath removing all of the physical dirt from Your Body.
      8. Clean your tub.
      9. Run another warm Bath
      10. Add the Gallon of Cow’s Milk saying: “This milk represents my ability to sustain and nurture a love relationship”
      11. Pour your warm cup of honey into the bath saying, “This honey represents my ability to feed the highest nature and aspirations in myself and my mate. Life is sweet. My affection is sweet. I am seen as the sweetest force on earth.”
      12. Pour your Quart of Goats milk into the bath saying, “This goats milk raises my capacity to give and receive love. I am an ascending being. My love beings ascension to those around me”
      13. Pour your ½ cup of brown sugar into the love bath saying, “This brown sugar increases my virility and grounds me to the power of my self-worth. I stand sure-footed ready to receive the sweetness of life”.
      14. Place all of the yellow flower petals into the bath saying, “I give these flower petals so that I will always be attractive to benevolent spirits and kind loving people. Those who are ready to give love will always see me above the crowd and approach me”.
      15. Now pour in the bottle of white wine saying, “For all of the loving spirits of support that connect me to the true beauty of life and reveal my own beauty, come celebrate love and life with me”.
      16. Now pour all of the cinnamon into the bath saying, “Let this happen as soon as I am ready to receive it. Remove all obstacles from the pathway of my natural journey and inclination towards connecting with another divine being”.
      17. Pour the Florida water into the bath, saying “Let this be sealed and quickened.”
      18. Now get into the bath. Stay in it no less than 30 minutes.
      19. While in the bath hold your bottle of honey with it’s list/name in it lose to your genitals.
      20. Focus your thoughts on the person/s that you desire to be intimate with.
      21. Once done, do not rinse off. Allow all of the substance of the bath to stay on you until the net sunrise. That means you also can not towel dry. Air dry.
      22. Now take the bottle of honey with the list on it and place it at your sacred space (shrine, meditation space, book shelf, mantle).
      23. Place your while candle on top of it and light it.
      24. Place your yellow seven day candle in front of it in a bowl filled with your bathwater.
      25. Once the seven day candle goes out, you can discard it.
      26. Take the remainder of what is in the bowl and wash your feet with it.

Now, enjoy your new love relationship!


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