Humility: The beauty of being humble?


The definition of humility would make anyone who loves their self want to completely run the other way.  Google defines humility as, “a modest or low view of one's own importance.” shines an even dimmer light on its root word via synonyms:  obedience, passiveness, shyness, subservience, and the list go on.

Most people seem to think it means, “One who sits down and shuts up.”  Could you actually learn from anyone if you think they want you to kiss their shoes?  I definitely cannot.

The actual definition for the word humble, however, is very straightforward.  Humble comes from the Latin word, humus, meaning “ground.”  Despite how the average person “feels” about the word, “ground,” consider the traits that a well-grounded person exhibits.

A well-grounded person is one whose head is not in the clouds.  They do not live off of imagination –neither theirs nor anyone else’s.  A well-grounded person seeks facts and presents them to others.

A well-grounded person would actively listen for what is being said.  A well-grounded person would have respect for the truth because it would not intimidate them.  It would flow into them and they would be able to objectively keep what they need and discard what is useless to them.

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A humble person respects the truth, remains objective in their search for it, and in their stability, is willing to honor that truth…whatever the truth may be.

 When you are humble, no matter what truth you are searching for, you will find it because you are seeking it despite all obstacles.  Whether it is in a religion you cannot stand or from the mouth of a person you detest, you are willing to accept it if it is true.

Look at the Biblical “Eve”.  She wanted the truth.  Whether she went looking for it or it came to her, she was willing to listen to it.  From man or snake, she was willing to consider it.  She wanted it so bad, that she was willing to experiment with a new concept, even though she had never heard it in her life.

In the NKJV in Genesis 3:5, the serpent is quoted as saying, “For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  In Genesis 3:22, God is quoted as saying, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil.”

Eve was willing to step out of the box to test this theory.  She was even willing to question the entity she knew as being the Most High and in the end discovered that what she had accepted as the truth, was in fact that.

Had she never listened at seemingly the strangest moment in her life and then sought proof, man would never have, according to God “…become like Us, to know good and evil.”  With power comes great responsibility and with Adam and Eve’s power came the population of the entire planet.

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In humility, you will be open to receiving things you never heard before.  You will hear truths that sound unreal, but when tested, yields the greatest power you have ever known.  Truth, however, is not free, nor is it for the faint of heart.  Adam and Eve’s journey to truth came with a great deal of work!

You may not have planned your long-term goals yet or you may not even know what your life’s purpose is.  To build a nation, to teach a people, or simply to gain the power of mastering your own self, however, one thing is for sure:  without humility, you will not even come close.



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