Forming ANU Chapters Worldwide

ANU Chapters

Forming ANU Chapters Worldwide

By Charles J. Evans

 Alaafia Anu Students,

Although there is a lot of learning that can happen through the Phase One class presented on the Sadulu House website, and of course the podcasts through the Enlightenment and Transformation channel, there is still no substitute for getting together in person.  We must remember that studying African spiritual traditions cannot be detached from the study of African culture and a key aspect of this is our ability to build a sense of community in person.

While we are able to build a virtual community through the private Facebook page, we are in the process of building “ANU chapters” across the globe.  Our first chapter will be established in the Washington DC area, affectionately referred to as the “DMV” (which stands for Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia).  Through the Facebook page and the Self-Actualization Tour a few of us have been able to get introduced and we want to continue the momentum of these meetings in person.

The purpose of establishing a chapter is to give registered Anu students the chance to interact with each other in person and form groups that reach three important goals.  One, we want to create a space to share our progress, challenges and triumphs of our spiritual journeys.  Two, we want to create a safe space for accountability partnering where we can support each other in maintaining our progress through our ANU course work.  Finally, we want to create an in person support system.  As new learners to traditional African spirituality and culture, many of us have a lot of ideas and questions for which we are seeking answers.  The benefit of forming a group is that it is possible that our questions have been asked and answered by others that are also participating in the group.

If you’re interested in taking a more active role in your spiritual development, connecting with people in person on a scheduled basis, and building a learning community; then connect with us or build an ANU chapter in your area. For more details please contact us at

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