False Prophets

Jim Jones

False Prophet

It is said that the only power the deceiver (Shaytan) has is a whisper into the minds of individuals. This whisper can woo you into a rapture of wasteful activities. Many are caught in cycles of intellectual delusions of progress. That is, they confuse the gathering of knowledge with the gathering of power.

Applied knowledge is power. Keyword here is “applied”.
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear…
There are numerous spiritual deceivers in the world who use many words but say nothing. They have extensive names, titles galore, and proclamations of their deeds but, no power. They refuse to answer questions directly, because most often they can not.

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Do not confuse riddles for parables and allegories. A riddle is for entertainment purposes. In ancient mythology we see riddles used to allow passage from one place to another. Even within’ those ancient stories the riddles held significance for the traveler. They had a profound point.

There are masters of redundancy and surface level repetitive information who do nothing but mentally masturbate in the public eye leading their captive audiences on wild goose chases that lead nowhere.

Who are the False prophets?

    • Firstly, use your intuition. Why is this person espousing what they’re are “preaching”?
    • Read their body language. Do they present squarely, face to face, or are they always filmed or positioned at an angle? This is a manifestation of their inner intent.
    • Look at the offspring of these teachers (students, followers, etc…). A tree is known by the fruit it bares.
    • Do they teach from a fear perspective or a deficit model? Are they consistently speaking of situations and spirits as if they are the only ones with a personal connection to them? In this, are they always telling you that you need to appease something outside of yourself…especially through them?
    • Do they regurgitate others information? In other words are their teachings just repackaged scripture, doctrine, and generic advice? There are people who will put their spiritual twist on very basic and universal principles and it may resonate with you because, your soul identifies it as being ancient. False prophets tend to be very small on originality and large on charisma.

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So I dedicate this post to Oswald Bates. He actually was profound but, was too in love with his vocabulary.

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