KM · May 1, 2017


Dreams are one of the most accessible means of communication with spirits at your disposal. Too often we forget our dreams or think that they are of little importance. Some may even say that they don’t dream at all. This is unfortunate, because dreams are a powerful tool of communication that can give us insight to our health, provide an release for subconscious repression, be used as a tool for self-programming, and more. In many Indigenous cultures, dreams are highly respected and private. Western culture is quite the opposite. But in this class based webinar, you will gain knowledge that will make you appreciate this form of communication, and gain the information you need to help you interpret your own dreams. This class-based webinar will answer the following questions and cover:

  • What are dreams?
  • The History of dreaming.
  • How you can use dreams.
  • The stages of dreams.
  • Exercises and rituals for more lucid dreaming and dream recall.
    And more!

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