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ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1

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Unlock your Spiritual Gifts

Empower and Heal yourself by learning your true spiritual gifts. Become a part of an advanced priesthood order!

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    Has the religious orders that have been presented to you not appealed to you?
    Have you been marked for a certain path or deity but, lack the proper know-how as to how you can work with that energy?

    The ANU spiritual Order is a way of learning that allows the student to place themselves at the center of the learning experiences as opposed to memorizing rituals, names, and protocol that serve little when it comes down to reality reconstruction.

    Grasping the root of Divine Power

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    If you are interested in metaphysics this is a book to have in your collection. Initially, I read the book from front to back, that was really the initial get to know you phase. I now use it as a reference book. I go back to sections and re-read it again and again. It is multi layered, you will usually find more understanding. For spirtual work this book is a must. Thank you Yuya for taking the time to put some of your knowledge into a book to share. Very brave.

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    This class series is a hardcore spiritual initiation into the deeper truths of indigenous metaphysics and natural power.



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AST1 Introduction

1. Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

2. Uncovering Your Life Purpose

3. Embrace the Elements

4. Healing the Emotional Body

5. Spiritual Allies

6. Establishing and Defining the Components of a Shrine and Altar

7. Reality Reconstruction

8. Spiritual Baths and Home Cleanses

9. Elements of Ritual and Sacrifice

10. The Oracle Surface


  1. William

    Greetings Gods and goddess iam Atum Ra sahu el bey hotep,I’m hear to give you a little of a back ground about me ,My asencion path started in 2012 yes 2012,I was very receptive to that energy ,I felt like their was angel with me at all times even that I was right next to god I started doing things out of the ordinary mediation three to four times a day praying three time a day.Wanted to be in the spirit realm soooo bad that I cry and talk to my spirit guide to please connect with show your self to me ,this happens all in prison ,by the way I did 5 year bid ,any ways I got in tune so quick that literally I had light inside of me I started deciphering bible scriptures it was crazy I started praying to spreem being Anu and the whole panthean when I prayed, it felt like they where right next to me ,I became so sensitive in the spirit realm that I even started to see spirits around me .I started astro planning my light was light babyy blue it was amazing the day that I saw that I couldn’t believe my eyes I was light from head to toe ,I know I was mastering self ,it felt I was joyfull l 24 house a day I couldn’t explain it with words I started connecting with the tamare deity Egyptian ,until one day I found out the my babay mothers was cheating on me ,that’s when fell Back down malkuth hell I stop mediating stop praying I was a mess .I left her and started again so for better lack of words I know that I was chosen for purpose because the spirit realm is when I am the happiest ,I was initiated into Palo also but I have a lot to learn I want to come back to my god self and become one with the all ,I need help!!!!! Guidance real support truth a lot people are taking this seriously hey do it for the love of money ,I innerstand that people have to survive ,but some people take advantage of others when they are in their weakest point in their life ,I seek light with mind body and soul with heart and a sound mind ,I leave in my Miami I would to see you I would to get initiated into the religion and of something real!. peace love gratitude sincerely yours Atum Ra sahu el bey peace love truth freedom justice from the all we come from the all we will return


    This course appears simple but on the contrary is intense. I will redo the entire program so that I get an even greater grasp of the teaching. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Nadine Andre

    I want to learn more about what you do and enroll for the class

  4. bernadette guiseppi

    Thanks to Chief Yuya.
    This course and support discussions kept me totally focused on the lessons, my friend and I even had a weekly study day where we talked about the topics taught . The lesson Reality Reconstruction was self changing with information that I still use daily . I now appreciate the way the course is structured for I now know much more about who I am, and what is my Life’s Purpose.

  5. Shai

    I’m interested in spiritual training as well as divination.

  6. Corey Norman

    Thanks Chief for the videos, I have benefited greatly from them, I am looking for my purpose which I believe is a healer. Will you help me please?

  7. Kyle

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Kesha Coleman

    I am unable to log in. Please help. There is no student log in available anywhere. I don’t understand this.
    I also have purchased 2 programs because I forgot my first password with 1st anu training 1, that was I purchased a second anu training 1 because I tried for months to get my password reset. The second training is under Any help provided will be appreciated. Thankyou.

    1. Sadulu House Admin

      Hi Kesha! Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I have fixed the problem. You may access your profile using the email address Your new password is: XhnAf0DT*MJ6VsIR4bUte(F1. Please try and access your account, it should be working fine by now.

      Regards, Maria

  9. Tahirah Abubakr

    I am Tahirah AbuBakr and I am interested in your free courses and a spiritual Readings.
    Thank you
    Iya Tahirah

    1. Sadulu House Admin

      Hi Tahirah!

      Apologies for the late response. If you want to set an appointment for spiritual reading please proceed to and schedule your reading on this website.



  10. Aisha

    Aboru Aboye!
    Divine Love and Blessings, how do I sign up? For some reason I cannot find the link. Please email me at

    Aisha Meskhnet Amen

  11. Marsielles Robinson

    Peace; Brother how is everything.It was a question i needed to ask.I been in the Nation of the Gods and Earths for many years,but i always wanted to get involved with metaphysics or you want to use the term mystism

  12. Marsielles Robinson

    Peace; Brother i been trying to get into this web site to purchase the first part of your course,and i can not get in to the site to buy the course. Is there a number to call someone so that they can walk me through the honorable name is Marsielles Robinson,my righte ous or name that people call me in the street is Blackseed.My number is 646 797 1776. If its possible can somebody from your site give me a call or even email me,it would be very helpful to me on my journey to the spiritual path my email is or your help will be greatly appreciated.Peace

  13. rafael

    I am interested in your courses. r u still having this course spiritual training?

  14. Watesa

    I would like to take the suggested free course to start with please

  15. Fred


    I would like to take the suggested free course to start with please. Karibu

    1. Sadulu House Admin

      Hi Fred! – I hope this finds you well! The Free Course is entitled “Enlightenment & Transformation-Know you are God – Unleash Your Full Power”. This course is the pre-requisite to our paid course “ANU Priesthood Training.” The information that is offered in the free course will provide you with a basic understanding of the cosmic forces of nature, what divination is, and of course, learning about the soul. This will allow you to enter into the paid course having familiarity with the language as well as a general understanding of indigenous spirituality and some of the concepts that will be covered.



  16. Lawyndal

    Hi, I became aware of Chief Yuya via YouTube. The videos or podcasts seem to indicate that reviewing each one is a prerequisite for taking the courses. Would that be from each channel and if so, can you please list them (channel names), so that I don’t miss anything. Thank you!

  17. Sham


    I have access to the 1st training course but would also like access to the Orisha course but I cannot locate it on Is this course still available?

    Thank you,

    1. Sadulu House Admin

      Hi again Shamonique!
      The Orisha course has been revamped. At the moment it is still under works and there are plans of activating that course again. You will know as soon as the Orisha course is active on the website.

      Best, Maria

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