Channeling Aaliyah!


The purpose of channeling

In one of our Sadulu House classes, one of the practical applications practiced was the art of channeling.  The purpose of channeling is to receive information from spirit to use for a specific purposes, to learn specific information about the spirit you’re invoking, or to have a conversation with the spirit, or ultimately to learn something new about the world. I’ve found channeling to be helpful in gaining insight in finding solutions where there once may have been a dead end.

What I learned when channeling Aaliyah:

The first person that our instructor HRU channeled during our practical application was the late R&B singer Aaliyah.  He began by softly playing her music during class, as well as burning incense that he felt she might like.  When we began to channel Aaliyah, HRU lit a white candle to signal to Aaliyah that we wanted to contact her, as we began to talk about her movies, videos, etc in order to help invoke Aaliyah, and focus our energy on her. Next we began to recite the names of similiar energies like Osun, Lakshmi, Billy Holiday, etc. in order to strengthen our contact with her, after which HRU requested that she give us the understanding and knowledge that we sought.  We then asked questions and recorded the answers that we received.

Spirit does not communicate in the traditional sense by talking, therefore when we closed our eyes each of us received different symbols and images that relayed specific information from Aaliyah.  It was imperative that we interpreted the vision received to understand and gain the answers to our questions.  For instance, one of the questions presented was “What specific herbs or incense should be used when working with you (Aaliyah)?” For this particular question, I heard lavender, others saw different herbs and had to identify the names of the herbs, while others visualized symbols and had to interpret the herbs she was referring to.  Our session revealed many interesting revelations, such as we discovered that Aaliyah can be worked with as a deity who ushers in change and is able to clean house to bring about the positive change sought!

Try it!  To invoke Aaliyah try the following:

1.)    Play her music with the intention of invoking her energy.  This will not only help welcome her spirit but will also increase your vitality.

2.)    Light lavender incense.

3.)    Light a white candle – the light from the candle signals to spirit that you would like to contact them and gives them direction so they can find you, it also assists you with focusing your intention.

4.)    Ask Aaliyah to join you, and thank her for her presence.

5.)    Begin talking and asking questions of Aaliyah.

6.)    Close your eyes and receive the answer from spirit – remember spirits do not speak.  Therefore you will have to interpret the symbols and messages they send.
There are a couple of great resources for assisting with interpreting symbols, the first being The Women’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara Walker and the second being The Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them by Hans Bierdermann to name a few.

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