Black Friday Discount on ANU Spiritual Training Classes

ANU spiritual training udemy discount

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Black Friday Discount on ANU Spiritual Training Classes

ANU spiritual training udemy discount


Starting November 20th through November 29th the ANU Priesthood Spiritual Training Class invites you to participate in the Black Friday discount series. These discounts start at 75% off and will decrease each day. This means as the percentage lowers the prices will go higher.

Yesterday the discount was 72% and today the discount is 69%.   Therefore the earlier you sign up for the class the cheaper it will be.

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive spiritual empowerment and reality transformation with the ANU Priesthood Training for a fraction of the costs.


The Most Comprehensive Training Program

“Recommended for those who are serious about the science behind traditional Afrikan religion and in developing sound foundation for personal growth. I use the word foundation here very loosely. Regardless of how “advance” you might be in your evolution, the information contained here will deepened what you already know and fuel a much higher level of knowing. I cannot accurately describe what you learn here as I believe each person will gain what they most need to create a more whole individual. This is NOT a course for those seeking to aggrandize their egos further through knowledge of the Orishas, IFA, and ATR. It is about getting to know the authentic you so you can be of greater service to humanity. I would highly recommend this class and for the price it’s a bargain financially.”








H. Yuya Assaan-Anu is the Chief Jegna and founder of the ANU Order: which is a spiritual and social order that offers various services that espouse the calculations of free thinking, perpetual spirit elevation, collective cultivation of dormant and manifested truth, and progressive adaptive cultural norms.

The ANU spiritual order is not a religion or prearranged set of instructions and steps for a person to go through in order to become “enlightened.”  The spiritual approach of the order pulls from various traditions and makes no attempts to hold one above the other or to local anyone to one particular tradition.

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