Effective Communication: Can questions affect spiritual growth?



Wasting Time on Questions

At some point in your life, you were told that “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” You were told to speak up for what you want and to ask a question if you don’t know something. Questions have the abilities to open doors that would otherwise stay shut forever, so we make it our business to ask and ask and ask.

Are we asking the right questions, though? Sometimes, we waste time by consistently asking questions we already know the answers to. This is the equivalent of saying, "Come on! Tell me I'm smart...again!" At other times, we ask questions simply to satisfy our ego’s need to measure someone else’s intelligence. They can't possibly be smarter than us, right?

Having a lack of knowledge or harboring a fear of how the truth might actually change our lives, causes us to waste time focusing on everyone else. As Chief Hru warned us in his show, Solar, Sun Power, Moving off the Grid, “Time is the one commodity you can never get back.” Although asking questions can be a good habit to have, know that time can indeed be wasted on the wrong questions.

Searching for absolute, unchangeable, or universally common truths is a lot like searching for a very specific color of caterpillar in a forest full of trees. Just like there are many types of trees, there are also many spiritual and religious systems, histories, people, thoughts, ancestral energies, and various other truths circulating in existence. Only some truths are timeless however, and only asking the right questions can lead us to them.

When on a quest for truth, every thing in existence becomes our teacher - a bug, a society, an enemy. The key to accessing the knowledge possessed by any entity outside of ourselves, is to ask the right questions of the right entities at the right time. Whether we're asking a tree, an ancestor, or a teacher, asking the right question can set the tone for our next solid move.

As precious as time is, we spend it frivolously, more than anything else.   On his Thunderground Thursday segment, Spiritual Activism,  Hru also shares a most hurtful truth, but a truth nevertheless, “Sometimes, it just takes one turn to the left or the right to really define what we’re going to do and what we’re going to be.” We won't always be allowed second chances.

Asking the right question of the right entity at the right time and as often as possible, ensures that we will only accelerate to the next level on our spiritual paths. Otherwise, we end up sitting in one place, turning in circles for decades. If you've never been in this grid-locked mental space before, then you definitely know someone else who has.

Studying ourselves, the spirits around us, and the knowledge of those we respect, sets us in a perfect position at all times. So, when we do learn Divination or finally gain a few moments of attention from a Master Teacher, we will always be in the position to ask a question that can gain us even more of those moments and propel us forward.

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