HRU Assaan-ANU – Spiritual counselor

Spiritual Counselor

HRU is an initiated Priest in the Nigerian Orisa tradition and an advanced student of the IFA priestly order, as well. HRU has been working with the spirit world through various indigenous native systems for over 20 years as a spiritual counselor and guide. He is also the Chief Priest and temple head of “ANU Nation”; where he has initiated a cadre of students into Orisa tradition as well as his own ANU Spiritual Order and currently teaches indigenous occult and mystery systems, African philosophy and spiritual sciences, and divination to adults as well as children through his school “Sadulu House”.
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Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU has created an approach to social/educational engineering that transcends scores of commonly accepted notions of the potentiality of self/community development, by embracing and implementing a holistically/culturally conceived method of teaching, communicating, facilitating self directed learning experiences, and uncovering inner artistic expression that remains accessible and relevant. He’s a communally acknowledged warrior scholar, who has presented a pioneering body of work that spans inventive, academic, spiritual, entrepreneurial, and environmental arenas and has cleared the way for a cadre of artist, educators, youth activist, and community leaders to operate and present their gifts and talents boldly under his guidance and pedagogy.
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Our Jegna
Although HRU works with and through various spiritual systems, the ANU system is one that is born exclusively from his own experience, meditation, channeling, research, and divination. HRU stresses each person should develop a way of spiritual working that works for themselves as opposed to following anyone’s doctrine or “belief”. We are all the manifestations and expressions of the unique expressions of the cosmos. We all have our own path to walk and our own journey to experience. The ANU order equips you with the tools to erect your higher form and to put your own human form in proper perspective in order to come to your own realization of your power and true reality.
HRU helps many to bring balance, solace, and peace into their lives.

If you spiritual counseling with HRU and spiritual consultation services please go here.


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  1. im with you big bro. my thought form and formula of speaking words is amazing now. my will power turns on in an instant. my spiritual practices are coming to me with ease. one question right quick. when my ogun pot gets full what would be the best thing to do with it if there is anything specific.?

  2. I’m new to the world of spirituality. I’ve been a Christian my entire life and recently discovered the truth about religion. I come from a broken home. I know have started a family of my own andy husband and I are looking for a guide ne in our lives to align us with what are true purpose is. I would like to know where do I begin.

  3. Am looking for help in my spiritual path, hoping to find it in this wedsite. Ive been on this journey for a long time and feel that i was brought to this site so i may get the knowledge that i so long for !!!!!!!!

  4. Question, could someone offer their perspective on doing outdoor rituals when you don’t own property. Where do you look to? Do you have experience in the wild or would you just take your chances? How would you prepare to take your experience outdoors? Thank you in advance for any advice.

  5. Greetings:

    I am currently homeless living in a welfare hotel. My life is in a shambles and was hospitalized for being severely depressed and suicidal. I want Chief Hru to know that the spark of light in this horrific tunnel has been his voice coming through my phone via downloaded archives of his teachings. I found the chief on youtube about a year and a half ago and began downloading his teachings. I borrowed money to sign up for the phase 1spiritual training and to order his book in kindle form. I am struggling but am able to access the site via a barns and noble nook tablet. Let the Chief know that he has saved my life and that when I get an offering I will be scheduling a readings.

    Modupe Anu family for your blessed contribution to the community and know that your teachings have saved many lives like mine.


    Ossuniyi Odusanya

  6. Greetings!
    I am grate filled for the authentic teachings of Chief Yuya. I am journeying and in doing so
    Chief Yuya’s channel came up. He has been my Spiritual teacher for the past two weeks and as I am
    typing this note I am listening him teachings on “GANESH”. I had listened to another show last strong and
    he mentioned that he has readings for $50. for an hour , but when I came to the sight I saw $150. for an hour of reading.
    I am interested in a spiritual reading and guidance for I have been struggling with my spiritual life. My reading
    does not have to be an hour; whatever Chief is sharing I am so appreciative of his time and honesty. I am not sure which book I should be purchasing first. Thanks for your assistance.


  7. Hi I’m new I just signed up for your free online course to gain some learning into this spiritual religious path that ive been on for two months and right now I really want to work on channeling my Charkas which I have started to do through meditation but I also want to get to know who my guardian is and i was told this is done through divination from a reputable priest. I want to know can this be done by phone or is there q way for me to find a priest within my area I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Could you help? I’m doing this on my own with no one or teacher to consult with on this spiritual journey that’s why I’m taking the free courses…

    1. Greetings Maria,
      You can sign up for a reading on this site, or you can go to If you visit the store section of this site, you will find classes on an array of spiritual concepts, including chakras. You can also sign up for ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1.

  8. thank you for that info, also I heard in order to better served the spirits is through your ancestors which is through divination. how do I find out who my ancestors are to better served the spirits? I made a shrine with things, pictures, artifacts a poem I wrote regarding my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is this a way to reach your ancestors through the family line?…

    1. Chief Yuya has covered this topic in the Enlightenment and Transformation shows, the book Grasping the Root of Divine Power, and in the classes. All of the archived shows can be found on our YouTube channel, Enlightenment and Transformation. Please refer to them to find the information you seek. If you are enrolled in the Orisha class or Phase 1 of the spiritual training, you can also use the forum to ask questions to fellow students.

  9. Greetings, peace & blessing Anu family.
    I am writing in regards to Chief Yuya. I haven’t seen or heard him teach since Wednesday shadow period
    and I am beginning to get a bit concerned. I will that all is well and he & the family are in a good space & time.
    This is my 1st time writing to Sadulu House. I am “known as” Heru Wadjet on you tube, however my name is
    Mari-Utu Oyede Ma’a-Anu El.

    In other regards, I plan to take the phase one course after the July 4th holiday.
    I look forward to learning and discovering new levels of self awareness, community service and cultural reparations.

    Ese gan to you ALL for your years of consistency and dedication.

    Have a wonderful power-filled day

  10. How you doing, I been looking into this religion for a while now, of course some contacted me of FB , long story short , I don’t fully trust that person. I watch your video about scammers, I must say u kinda made me upset with with what you was saying , the truth hurts lol, well this is me getting off my ass and doing something, I watch the hole video, and now I can’t stop watching your stuff, I need more , I want to better myself , and would love to learn from you , if you will have me.