About Us

Sadulu House is the name of the school/shule that the Anu spiritual order utilizes as its vehicle for instruction.
Through the Sadulu House members learn modalities of healing, spirit working, occult sciences, indigenous culture, community building, and soul re-balancing.
Classes are held at the shrine of the ANU Nation but, are hosted remotely as needed.

Over the course of a 9 month semester students learn the following spiritual disciplines and skills:

  • Various forms of divination/readings using Obi, I-Ching, and Medicine Cards
  • Ritual
  • Science of sacrifice
  • Cosmic Archetypes
  • Working with your energy Archetype/matrix
  • Elements of your own being
  • Invocations/Evocations
  • Conjuring
  • Alchemy
  • Symbol/Sound Decoding
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