How to Refresh Your ORI!


How to Refresh Your ORI!

Most of us spend so much time doing rituals with or giving offerings to the Orisha, that we often neglect to work with or nurture one of the most potent energies that there is, and that is the energy of You or Your ORI!  Your ORI is always with you. Its your higher self that is that intuitive voice inside of you that never steers you wrong. Or that voice that you wish you would have listened to, when you find yourself in an undesirable situation.

Your ORI is, “Your own personal..Super-Hero” as our instructor HRU Yuya T. Assaan-Anu so perfectly coins it in his great work, Grasping the Root of Divine Power. Therefore it is important to take out time to give offerings to, or to refresh your ORI to ensure that you are staying connected to the guidance and power of your divine Super Hero, and therefore in alignment with your personal destiny.

Grasping the Root of Divine Power: A spiritual healer's guide to African culture, Orisha religion, OBI divination, spiritual cleanses, spiritual growth and development, ancient wisdom, and mind power Grasping the Root of Divine Power: A spiritual healer's guide to African culture, Orisha religion, OBI divination, spiritual cleanses, spiritual growth and development, ancient wisdom, and mind power
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There are several aspects of your ORI, and as such, it resides at several points on your body, but for this cleanse we are focusing on the points located at the crown of your head, your brow, and the back of your neck. Also to be clear, this cleanse should not be confused with the powerful ORI head cleanse which is done by a Priest or Babalawo like HRU.

This is a simple cleanse, and refresher that you can do on a daily basis. You can do this when you come home after a long draining day of work, to cleanse yourself of that energy and environment. Or if you're going through a difficult time in your life, this cleanse helps you to be clear and stay connected to your ORI and your higher thoughts instead of sinking into the depths of depression or much lower thoughts of yourself. Overall this is a way for you to help revitalize your spirit, and keep the pathways clear to connect with your higher self.

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  • Rue (an herb you can pick up at your local botanica)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Spring Water
  • Spray Bottle

How to Prepare it: You're going to make a mixture similar to making a tea.

  • Put spring water in a pot.
  • Add the Rue and bring it to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat, and add the epsom salt, and baking soda to the pot, and stir it clockwise.
  • Let cool.
  • Once it's totally cooled, put the mixture in a spray bottle, and store it in your refrigerator.

How to Do it:

When you come home, and prepare yourself to decompress, take the bottle out of your refrigerator, and spray the mixture on your brow, crown of your head, and back of your neck. Say the words “ORI Tutu” as you spray each area. ORI Tutu means , may the spirit of my head be cool and refreshed.

Again to learn more about the ORI pick up the book Grasping the Root of Divine Power, which is available for purchase on this site. Or if you're interested in getting a more powerful ORI head cleanse, contact HRU on this site for a consultation.

I will that you enjoy this cleanse!

For more information on the Ori go here.

An Offering to Your ORI -The Ibori



Some time ago, HRU stated that I should begin giving my head more offerings, in an effort to manifest what I wanted in life – love and success. The offering that he suggested was the gel inside of an Aloe Vera plant. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about putting the gook inside of an aloe vera plant on my hair; however it is one of the best hair conditioners that I have ever used. In addition to this plant being a wonderful condivioner, the Aloe Vera plant can be used to manifest healing and beauty.

Aloe Vera was used by the ancient Egyptians to improve their beauty and health. The ancient Nile Valley civilization of Khemet used aloe vera for medicinal treatments, beauty care, and embalming.

By many aloe vera is considered a miracle plant, because it is usually involved in numerous beauty regimes and has the same pH as skin, 4.5.

According to Dr. Rueben Titus, aloe vera is composed of 99% water, and the other 1% is divided amongst 200 different constituents, constituting a marvelously diverse mixture of antibiotics, pain inhibitors, cell growth stimulators, inflammation fighters, burns healers, capillary dilators, vasoconstrictor inhibitors and moisturizers all having a remarkable degree of penetration. How amazing!

Therefore, Aloe Vera is the perfect plant to incorporate into an offering to your head for Osun, who is the lover of all that is beautiful and a powerful healer. Aloe Vera has the ingredients to heal and of course make you more naturally beautiful.

To make your Osun Aloe Vera conditioner for your ritual you’ll need the following:

  • An Aloe Vera Plant
  • Therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil
  • A wooden Spoon
    1. Cut off a mature leaf with a sharp knife.
    2. Slice the leaf open
    3. Scoop out all of the gel into a wooden bowl
    4. Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil
    5. Mix the ingredients together
    6. Cleanse your scalp and hair with a cleansing conditioner
    7. Place your Osun conditioner on your hair, while doing this thank Osun for her presence, acknowledge her energy and request healing, beauty, love,
    8. Place a plastic bag on your hair.
    9. With the plastic bag still on your hair, wrap a steaming hot towel around your head (Think conditioning steam treatment) or you can also use a heated conditioning cap for this step.
    10. Leave on your hair for 30 minutes, during this time visualize yourself receiving all that you’ve requested.
    11. Rinse the conditioner from your hair
    12. Moisturize and style your hair as usual.

I usually do this ritual once a week, as it is pretty simple and I have to say Ms. Osun works quickly.

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