Protection Spell

Protection Spell

Items Needed:

  • 1 cup of Poke Berries
  • 2 pieces of Red Cloth (One large and the Other Small)
  • 4 Cigars
  • 4 Red Candles
  • 1 Knife with a wooden handle
  • 4 sticks of wood
  • An iron nail
  • Palm Wine or Dark Rum

This ritual must be done in the woods.

1. Smash or blend the Poke Berries so that they liquify.
2. Use this liquid as ink in order to draw the symbol pictured here on to the two red cloths; using your nail as a drawing pen.
Protection Spell
3. Set your 4 candles at the four cardinal directions and light them
4. Sit in the middle of this configuration[phpzon asin=”B000BRZZUC” country=”US” trackingid=”saduluhouse-20″ templatename=”asin”]
5. Sharpen the ends of your wood sticks into points while sitting in the middle of your square box using your knife.
6. Take some of the rum from your mouth and baptize your newly create daggers by spraying the rum out of your mouth onto them.
7. Say: “I baptize you for the purpose of bringing protection to me at all times and from every direction”.
8. Once your drawings dry sit them in the middle of the circle with you.
9. Light each cigar blowing their smoke 3x’s onto your drawings. Now leave them at each Cardinal point along with the candles.[phpzon asin=”B003HUYO0C” country=”US” trackingid=”saduluhouse-20″ templatename=”asin”]
10. Spray rum at the four cardinal points.
11. Say: “To the spirits that protect me from all four sides, watching over the world, I offer you rum for strength and added protection from all enemies and obstacles”.
12. Now throw your daggers as far as you can in the four cardinal directions saying:
13. “I give these daggers to the Vultures at the four Cardinal Points. Whoever may choose to come against me, cut them down with these daggers”

[phpzon keywords=”red candles” num=”3″ country=”US” trackingid=”saduluhouse-20″ templatename=”columns” columns=”3″]
14. Now take your knife a dig a small hole. Place the larger drawing and the nail in that hole.
15. Cover the hole back up.
16. Insert your knife into the soil over the hole.
17. Pour the remainder of your rum onto the knife handle allowing it to seep into the earth.
18. If you have any Poke Berries remaining also pour it onto the knife handle allowing it to seep into the ground.
19. Take the small drawing and keep it on you whenever you feel you need protection; spiritual or otherwise.
20. Leave everything else there.

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