Orisha – Unlock Your Inner Power


This class is a prerequisite to our ANU Spiritual Training program.
Chief Yuya’s book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” is also the required text for ANU Spiritual Training program available here at our store.

This series was originally presented as podcast and then part of it was re-broadcasted on the Blogtalk radio network on the show "Enlightenment and Transformation" . Listening to these lectures will provide you with a thorough innerstanding of how the Orisha energies move throughout your life and consciousness. This series anchors on the rudiments of self actualization and is not intended to give you another set of deities to serve or be submissive to. Rather, this series is about learning to employ those deities for your own brand of reality construction, as it was originally intended.
Module 1 The Ori
This covers the concepts of The ORI, Ti Bon Ange, and Gros Bon Ange from the Yoruba and Haitian Vodoun pantheons respectively. Techniques are offered as well as a breakdown of how these components of our souls play a role in manifesting the fullness of Orisa consciousness and power. *Correction – In this episode I mentioned that Agape love, as a biblical reference, is unconditional love. This is incorrect. Agape is the pedophile relationship between an adult male and a male child.
Unit 1 The Ori and the Soul
Module 2 Orisha
This course provides you with the proper framework for understanding indigenous spirituality and the cosmic forces of nature also known as the Orisha. In this course you will listen to the lecture and take notes. After completing this course you will have a more advanced understanding of the Orisha and be more primed to advance within the paid course entitled "ANU Spiritual Training"
Unit 1 Esu
Unit 2 Olokun
Unit 3 Oshun
Unit 4 Yemoja
Unit 5 Obba
Unit 6 Sango
Unit 7 Osoosi
Unit 8 Osaiyin
Unit 9 Ibeji
Unit 10 Oko
Unit 11 Babaluaiye
Unit 12 Obatala
Unit 13 Orunmila
Unit 14 Oduduwa

Intended Audience

  • Those looking to learn more about the application of indigenous traditions in a modern paradigm
  • Those interested in the Orisha tradition


  • Familiarizing yourself with the various Orisha archetypes
  • Acquire an intimate understanding of the various mechanism of your own soul
  • Learn how to initiate effective dialog with your guardian spirits; as well as rituals to bend energy and invoke cosmic forces
  • Initiate Dialog it your spirit guardians


  • An Open mind
  • Patience
  • A willingness to follow through with the rituals and exercises prescribed