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    Peace ANU I will that all is well with you and your families. I will be travelling to Orlando this strongend (Sunday, August 13th) and will be in the Ft Lauderdale area from Monday, August 14th to Thursday, August 17th. I am open to meeting up with any of the ANU members in these areas. Feel free to send me a message in this space or e-mail me at I do not have a U.S. phone contact as of yet but will update this status when I do. @ajoemmankhan @acambacani (sorry can't remember who else is in Florida lol)

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    @saduluhouseadmin Greetings, I only have three modules remaining to be completed, but there seems to be an issue accessing. The modules are: module 9 unit 1, module 10 unit 4 and module 11 unit 3. When I click on them the material does not appear. Does anyone know why that is? Thank you.

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    @saduluhouseadmin *sigh* Admin. As a site focused on the spiritual elevation of the people this sites functionality (or lack thereof) runs counter to your mission. The outer covering is an illusion, what we want is the life giving content. You just served us the equivalent of a marble carved statue, a pretty dummy...all the looks but no substance. I still cant find the pre-requisite audio recording that began with Ori. Who initiated this change? I'd rather the less glamorous "looking" website, at least it had the life giving substance that beauty is really made of. After months of waiting, for a response and or content, and receiving none, I'm thoroughly turned off, rather disgusted and questioning the integrity of the team alignment to spirit...

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    @creatingkarmagmail-com Alaafia ati Ife mama Sadaqa - I trust you and your family are well. I am grateful to have connected with you and trust our connection will grow.

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