• matteo shermani wrote on Sadulu House Admin's Wall 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Peace! I see all the courses are still for sale in the shop but none of the courses I’ve purchased are available in my account(Except Anu Spiritual Training Phase 1). Could you please give me access to all of the courses I’ve purchased. Chakras, Alchemy, Sex Magic, I messaged probably over a year ago about it and haven’t heard back and would like to get back into the studies. Many thanks!

    • Hi Matteo! – I have added the courses to your account. Please check them and you should be able to access them by now. Regards, Maria

      • This is great! Thank you so much. There was one I forgot to list, but I have the order number and email if needed. The Crystals webinar. If you could make that active I’ll be current on my purchases.