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  • The Alpha Omega S
    tore is experiencing issues. Can anyone tell me where I can get a similar kit from?

  • @krotunda
    Peace.. for some reason the option to respond to your last post isn’t available. But yes that’s pretty wild. Can’t say that I heard of “Iyanla Vanzant” before? Is she a Sadulu House Student / Instructor?

    And that Diamond Back spotting indoors!?.. Naw I’m good. Lol. I’ll stick to my Canadian Wilderness for now.

    • Hotep, Logan. Yes, the website is buggy. Iyanla Vanzant was a regular on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago. She has her own show on the OWN network called “Iyanla, Fix My Life”. She is a minister and Ifa (Iyanla) Priestess. She wrote two good books;, ‘One Day my Soul Just Opened Up and Tapping the Power Within’. She has written others books besides…[Read more]

  • krotunda wrote on G's Wall 1 year ago

    Hotep G. I lost the message you sent me. The website is buggy to me, so please send me the message again.

    • G replied 1 year ago

      Peace. I was wondering when you did the elements ritual…. did something happen to you when you drank the water? Or just in general during the ritual. Something happened to me and I’m just curious— as to how many people had occurences…. i saw you talking about the rituals with Logan, so I was just curious.

      Also, not being cryptic but spi…[Read more]

      • Nothing happened to me when drinking the water. I will perform the ritual again when the energy around me is relaxed. Also, we don’t live in a vacuum or island. This is a spiritual journey we are taking together, after all, we signed up for the course. Isn’t that the point of communicating with each other? I understand if you don’t want to share…[Read more]

  • @c-kpenouhotmail-de
    Hello Hotep, Komi. How are you doing with the rituals?

  • @logan_scott
    Hello or Hotep, Logan. How are you doing with the rituals?

    • Peace..
      I’ve only done the first one so far and I’ve noticed that I have crossed paths with people who were in line with the purpose of the being I’ve created but lacked the foresight and wisdom required of me in the moment to guide the interaction down the most beneficial path I could.

      What has been your experience(s) thus far?

    • My family is perplexed especially, my sister. She has no idea what I’m doing or what I’m about and that is disheartening. On a good note, Ritual 5 tested me which is what I wanted. Nature is not a setting I’m comfortable in so I’ve been challenging myself
      there. I live in a forest on a mountain and I have no choice in the matter. I’m on Ritual…[Read more]

    • Yes and no. Its snakey and scorpion, tarantula ridden where I live, So when the temperature drops, I’ll be in the forest quite a bit. During the summer months, I have to especially be careful where I roam.; super stressful. I’ve walked in the forest this summer but I’m usually shaking my bones simultaneously. LOL
      Take your time but try to carve…[Read more]

      • Yea… That’s a bit different. In Canada we don’t have poisonous creatures in the wilderness. I’d be uneasy knowing there could be a small, poisonous, exoskeleton creature that can strike faster than I can react hiding behind any log or tree I come across. I guess winter will be the ideal time for outings where you’re at.

        What ritual/offerings do…[Read more]

        • Last week, I did my usual going in and out of the house walking down the stairs repeatedly. And then something (spirit) told me to look down. There was a small diamondback snake hiding in a small space of the retaining wall by the steps leading to my front door. Oh to live in Canada…
          Iyanla Vanzant offers an Ori ritual using water with…[Read more]

  • @c-kpenouhotmail-de
    Hi Komi, how is it going so far?


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