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    Blessings: I would like to thank Chief and the Anu nation for all of your works. It is greatly appreciated.

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    @saduluhouseadmin Peace... would love to access my Training Phase 1 courses. Yet, it seems unavailable. Any suggestions?

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    @hru-yuya-t-assaan-anu Greetings Chief. I need login assistance. I believe I set up two accounts (one earlier this year and one in June). I am unable to log in to my paid course as I don't recall my log in info. Please assist or direct. Thank you. I'm posting here because I have sent several admin emails.

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    @caren_s_faith Hi Raw-Honey Jaha, have difficulties finding what I need to do on the website. What state are you in as I have to allow for time difference am in uk. Will try and listen live on the Sunday programme but even when I got to the right place I get the recording. Well done getting with your badge.

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