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  • @holdglenda
    Hotep G. I lost the message you sent me. The website is buggy to me, so please send me the message again.

    • Peace. I was wondering when you did the elements ritual…. did something happen to you when you drank the water? Or just in general during the ritual. Something happened to me and I’m just curious— as to how many people had occurences…. i saw you talking about the rituals with Logan, so I was just curious.

      Also, not being cryptic but spi…[Read more]

      • Nothing happened to me when drinking the water. I will perform the ritual again when the energy around me is relaxed. Also, we don’t live in a vacuum or island. This is a spiritual journey we are taking together, after all, we signed up for the course. Isn’t that the point of communicating with each other? I understand if you don’t want to share…[Read more]


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