• Mama Sadaqa {sodduh•ka} wrote on Chief Yuya's Wall 1 year, 11 months ago

    @hru-yuya-t-assaan-anu Ek’aro Dear Baba,

    Trusting that all is in Divine Alignment ur way!
    Much Gratitude for all u are n do.

    Been using this time 2 revisit the much that has already been given. n 2 now prepare (thru the burning off of all that no longer serves me) 2 better learn the invokation of who n what i come 2 impregnate my worlds with.
    “Facing the RaSing Sun… of ANU day begun…” with greater innerstanding of my personal RaSurrection.
    “Let us march/trod/press/float/strive/
    on til Victory is won!”

    Supreme Salute, Chief

    Mama Sadaqa